Convert PDF to E-Book in 4 Easy Steps Using 3D Issue

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convert pdf to ebookAs discussed in previous blogs, 3D Issue provides you with two modes to create the publication you have in mind: Magazine Mode and the eBook Reader Mode. In this blog section, we will focus on ...

E-readers, Are they Green?

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tablet publishingWith the varied number of E-Reader devices like the Amazon Kindle, et al. coming to market in more and more numbers it now becoming difficult to understand which reading option is actually more environmentally friendly than the typical paper and cardboard book.

By the end of 2011, Amazon announced it was selling one ...

How to Optimize the Distribution of Your Digital Magazine

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digital magazine

Making the most of magazine or e-book circulation and distribution begins with understanding what you want from your digital content and understanding the process of e-content circulation.

Firstly, it is important to understand the type of publication, your target group and how much money you have to spend.

2011 was ...

What are the Differences Between .epub and .mobi?

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digital magazine software

As the popularity of eBooks in the publishing industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, different e-book formats have emerged, which can be quite confusing for the public in general. Some of these formats include EPUB, MOBI, AZW and PDF eBook formats. The purpose of this blog is to analyse the ...

On-line newspapers versus print newspapers

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In this blog post we will identify some of the key advantages which exist for Newspapers specifically with regard to digital publishing. Also to be considered will be why moving to digital editions using online magazine software is a good digital newspaperstrategy to complement hard copy editions of the content.

Number 1

Reader Statistics via ...

4 quick ways to promote your online e-magazine content offline

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promote magazine offlineSo you have created and published your digital e-magazines, you have spread the word via your website, social media accounts and your email marketing subscriber lists. Now your online promotional tools have been used, what are you doing to promote offline?

Check out these tips..

1. QR Codes
QR codes can be implemented to direct your ...

Essential Features of E-Magazine Software?

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When it comes to digital publishing there are a number of points which one should bear in emagazine ebook softwaremind in the implementation of their conversion software. At 3D issue we consider it crucial to always design with digital publishing in mind so that maximum impact is originated from each publication be it ebook or ...

E-Books vs Print Books

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ebooks vs print booksFollowing on from our article last week eBook Market Share , here we look at E-books vs print books.

It has been well documented that E-books have grown in popularity significantly over the last few years. Research from Pew this year found, that 21% of adults had read a e-book in ...

Create an offline edition of your digital content

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offline edition3D Issue offers many ways in which your content can be presented from epub or mobi to digital magazine.

There is one format which is asked about time and time again so in this blog post we will take a brief look at the reader option – Download.

What is the download option? In a nutshell the ...

The World’s First True HTML5 Digital Publishing Tool Is Here!

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eBooks for iPad,desktop, tablet, iPhone, eReader3D Issue has officially launched 3D Issue version 5.

Launched today, Version 5 introduces many new features that add significant value to both creators and end readers alike. 3D Issue version 5 also incorporates easy eBook conversion for Kindle, Nook and other eReaders, as well as the software ...

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