How to ensure your content is accessible to all!

This year, Experios launched it’s accessibility validator, which is proving to be a game changer in content creation by offering insurance that your digital content is accessible to all.  The validator continuously checks pages in your design project to ensure that your publication is accessible to all.  It checks for a range of issues that could affect the WCAG compliance of your publication. As an organization, you can choose to enforce WCAG compliance with all your publications, and the accessibility validator will help prevent any publications from being distributed without passing the validation test.

What does the validator check?

This is an ever-increasing list. The Experios Validator is integrated with standard industry tools so that the validator can ensure your publication is compliant.

Experios is WCAG compliant?

Whilst the Experios team has done everything in their power to facilitate compliance, we cannot control the creativity of your designers.  However, the validator helps your designers and users to make small improvements, that can make all the difference to your readers.

Why is compliance with the WCAG specification so important?

All US government bodies and their contractors must ensure that their websites and publications are WCAG compliant. Some organizations may have many users creating content at the same time and need to be 100% certain that all content that is created and distributed is in line with their accessibility policy.

Experios accessibility validator is the missing tool in your toolbox

Ultimately, the Experios accessibility validator, is another tool in your toolbox. Companies today should have accessibility at the forefront of their content strategy, and our validator will allow you to keep track of your content as you create it, and flag any potential issues before your content goes live. Having this tool in your strategy allows you to ensure that your content will continuously meet the needs of your entire audience and gives your confidence that your readers find your content accessible.

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