Personalize your audience content experience

3Dissue Hubs allows you to aggregate your online articles, publications, social content and email submissions in an auto-updating hub.

Key Benefits

Using 3D Issue Hubs, you can bring together content you have on websites, blogs, Twitter feed, YouTube account, Facebook, tumblr and more.


Enable your audience to access all of your content streams from a single location and centralize that content into an auto-updating hub.


Hubs is an auto-updating content aggregation API that allows marketers to create niche micro-sites for specific segments of their market.


Monitor content from any online website, blog, feed or social media platform. Hubs provides you with an instantaneous view of what’s trending.


Hubs has fully open APIs & CRMs which allows our clients to easily absorb & position these tools as a service for their existing customer base.

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Engage your audience

Give life to your content and strengthen your message with a Hub. You will be able to keep your audience engaged and interested by creating unique and personalized experiences. Create hubs for different topics, locations, industries, personas, events and anything you can think of. A few minutes is all you need to have your Hub live and ready to be enjoyed by your readers.

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Choose your sources

With 3D Issue Hubs there are no limits. Add Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Vimeo accounts to your hub. Write your own articles inside the platform or allow your collaborators to directly publish their articles directly to the hub via email. Use your own sources or expand your information with third party content.

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Reach your audience everywhere

All the hubs created with 3D Issue Hubs are automatically responsive and ready for mobile devices. Your audience will have access to your hub no matter where they are and what devices they have. Mobile, tablet, desktop, Android or iOS it doesn’t matter. You can always be certain they will be receiving the best experience possible.

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Real-time editing

Hide articles, delete or add new sources, update the background image, font colors, customize your Hub from your dashboard. All the changes will be reflected on your Hub instantly. No waiting! You are in complete control of what you publish and what your audience sees. Updating your content has never been easier.

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See how our customers are using the Hub technology to transform their marketing content. There are several key uses of a Hub, check them out here.

“I couldn’t recommend the 3D Issue team more highly. They quickly felt like an extension of my team and worked to very tight dealines to pull off a site, ezine and app for us. I was so impressed i’m now working with them so we can continue using their products as a regular channel.”
Sara Lurker eBay
“3d Issue software allows us to reach our audiences with new, innovative technology that compliments our editorial and advertising. They also have a personal approach to customer service. I highly recommend them”
James Rix Target Publishing
“As a result of using Hubs, our audience has more than doubled in 90 days and the upwards trend is continuing.”
Tim Landon Chicago Sun Times