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Your all-in-one digital solution

3D Issue offers you a unique suite of tools to help you get your content in front of your audience, optimized to whatever device they choose to use. Whether you are looking to digitize a PDF into a digital flipbook, create a social hub, convert your documents into eReader friendly formats or create a native company App – 3D Issue has you covered.

flipbook software


Convert your existing PDFs to desktop, tablet and mobile flipbooks

social hub


Centralize your social content, blogs and feeds into an auto-updating mobile friendly Hub.

flipbook and ebook app


Collate your content into your own company branded App for your growing mobile and tablet audience.

3D Issue Flipbooks

3D Issue Flipbooks allow you to convert PDFs into digital editions, ready to be viewed by your audience from desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile devices. Instantly publish your publications to your website, native apps, native readers, DVD or even to our uberfast cloud. The choice is yours.

flash and HTML5 digital flipbooks
any device

Bring Publications to life

Inject life into your publications with movies, audio and much more!

auto detect links

Reach your audience, anywhere

Reach your audience anywhere, on whatever device they have.

available offline

Access reader behavior statistics

Get under the skin of what content is working well and not so well for you.

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3D Issue Hubs

Centralize your online marketing content into a single location through an innovative social Hub. Allow your audience to access all of your blog, news, alerts and feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other social content from a single location. Hubs is an auto-updating digital publication that also adjusts to suit any device your reader chooses to use.

social marketing hub
mobile friendly digital editions

Mobile First

Enable your content to automatically render to suit the screen size of any desktop, tablet or mobile resolution.

cross platform publishing

Live, updated content, always

No need to maintain your Hub, it updates automatically as you add new content to your existing channels.

cloud publishing

Increase customer engagement

Create beautifully presented digital editions with tailored content that increases interaction.

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3D Issue Apps

3D Issue Apps allows you to engage with your readers on tablet / smartphone device with a branded native App. Your readers will be able to surf through your content library and download any content that you publish, so they can read it at a time that suits them.

digital publishing app
native apps

Reach your native mobile audience

With only 20% of your mobile audience using mobile web browsers it is imperative that you have a native app strategy. 3D Issue will provide you with a complete suite of native apps for iOS and android smartPhone and tablet devices.

build an app

No coding required

Create Apps for all devices in a matter of minutes. Simply point our App engine to the location of your online branding, content and publications and 3D Issue will generate a company App ready to be submitted to the App stores.

branded app

Empower your marketing collateral

Increase exposure to your existing online content by using 3D Issue to push fresh content to your branded Apps moments after you publish content on your CMS or social platforms. Pull in news from your site, feeds, alerts or trending news through our feed syncing. Capture all social trends and news by syncing your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many other platforms into your native Apps.

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