What are Content Experiences, and why you need them in your marketing mix

Content marketing has been a powerful tool for most marketers and content creators in recent years. Pushing unique, branded content to your audience has never been more important, and it is one of the best ways to achieve optimal SEO results, social media followers, leads, and ultimately more business. But it is also evident that top performing forms of content marketing are those with the best user experience; so we are constantly asking ourselves how are our readers digesting our content, are they interacting with it, returning to read more, and engaging with it? These are content experiences, and it is why content experiences should now be at the forefront of marketing. 

What are Content Experiences? 

According to MarTech Advisor (who coined the term),  content experience is defined as the overall experience of accessing, consuming, engaging with and responding to a stream of branded content — across diverse devices, platforms and channels, and throughout the buyer’s journey, from prospect to customer. Content Experiences go beyond the typical content marketing scope and focus on how users actually interact with and engage with your content. Other organizations define it a little further, that content experiences are stand alone pieces of content that truly engage the reader, which is the transformation of a PDF, magazine, online publication etc. into an engaging digital experience. 

With either definition, gone are the days of sending a proposal on a PDF, or linking your support manuals to a page on your website. Customers are seeking more from content, and businesses are too. From a creator standpoint, we need data; PDFs can’t be tracked or measured which offers us no visibility into the content we produce,  and they are also not responsive to a mobile device which can leave your customer frustrated. Content Experiences change this, they are the next generation of content marketing and need to be part of every business marketing mix in the future. 

How can I add Content Experiences to my marketing mix? 

Content experiences can be added easily to your marketing mix by transforming already existing content. By using a content experience platform like Experios, you can easily transform an existing PDF or content from a website into its own stand alone site, with its own URL that transforms your content into a beautiful engaging digital publication. You can also build and create all your new content moving forward from within the platform. Adding your branding has never been easier, which then keeps all your content on brand and will auto populate into templates for ease of use. All your publications will be responsive to all devices, interactive and engaging for the reader and Experios offers in depth tracking and measurement, which is something lacking with a simple PDF. 

Some of the most common content experiences are:

  1. Digital Magazines
  2. Interactive whitepapers
  3. Digital Brochures
  4. Digital Catalogues
  5. Newsletters
  6. Annual Reports

Benefits of a solid Content Experience Platform 

As mentioned, content experiences will truly transform your content into engaging and interactive publications. Users can read on all devices, complete CTAs, watch videos and hear audio and even embed forms all within the publication, and with Experios you get the key benefits of:

  1. Consistent branding throughout – Adding your company branding to templates will make it easier than ever to produce content quickly and easily.
  2. Engaging interactive content beyond the copy, with features like video, audio, links, forms, buttons and pop-ups.
  3. Responsive design, no more pinching and swiping a publication to respond to your device, an Experios publication with auto reshape to any device.
  4. Better user experience – simple structures and layouts makes it easier for the designer to build out content from scratch, our predesigned templates add efficiency, and the responsive nature of the end result makes it easier for the user to interact and navigate through the journey.
  5. Allows for optimization for conversions and lead generation, which is the ultimate goal. Adding a CTA button allows users to stay within the publication while taking action.

Create your own Content Experiences

Wherever you are at in your content marketing journey, content experiences are the future, and something all businesses should be making the move towards. Your content needs to be engaging and able to immerse the reader. Experios is a high quality content experience platform that allows you to build your content one time and creates beautiful content experiences for your readers. 

With its unique drag and drop editor, simple design layout of blocks and columns, and abundance of user features from embedding videos, audio, images, links, buttons, forms, and more, your content will be transformed with less resources and at 1% of the typical cost. 

Get started today with a demo of the product, or begin your free trial to see if you can transform your content into a beautiful content experience. Click here to begin!