Combat Expensive Magazine Printing Costs

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magazine-printing-costsMagazine printing costs vary immensely depending on paper, printers used and the size of the print run. A monthly magazine will incur print fees with each print run needed based on demand. A simple way to save money is by investing in a digital publishing software. Once single payment allows you to print endless editions of your magazine for years to come. Another advantage is ...

Recent App Development Company News

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app-development-companyAt present, mobile app is the category of the mobile marketplace that is growing at the fastest rate. There is no denying that application development companies are on the rise. Many of these companies emerged from existing online firms that have now tailored their development to meet market’s needs. Being in the technology business is all about evolving with the audience around you, the devices ...

How to Build a Brand Through Online Techniques

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how-to-build-a-brandThere are many ways to gain traction online and your brand identity should be foremost in your marketing journey. Building your brand online takes time and effort, but once you have a good strong foundation the benefits can last for years. Ensure top quality logos, images, fonts, audio and video are always used to market your company. Poor representation in any of these areas ...

Today we Look at Examples of Enterprise Mobile Apps

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Enterprise-Mobile-AppsThe mobile app world has exploded and the attractiveness of apps for enterprise, business and corporations have gained traction with good reason. Time-saving, organizational and functional solutions for businesses are always popular. Why not install an app to help with office tasks, the installation only takes minutes and the benefits that can be garnered can be vast…

Let’s have a look at some of the best ...

What is Desktop Publishing and Why You Need to Know!

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what-is-desktop-publishingThe ability to publish from the comfort of your own desktop or laptop is a convenience that many a digital media marketer and modern publisher enjoy today.
In order to do so simply download desktop publishing software and install it on your Mac, PC or laptop. Now you can begin to publish! Endless opportunities await you; as your distribution, multiple device accessibility, and propensity ...

How to Put an App on the App Store Successfully

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how-to-put-an-app-on-the-app-storeTo develop and submit an app to the App store, you will need a credit card, you will need to be online and you will need a Mac computer running OS X version 10.9.4 or later which is Apple’s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers.

Register as an iOS developer, pay your 99 dollar a year fee for this title. Fill in the paperwork and ...

Mobile World Congress 2015 – Mobile Innovations

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mobile-world-congress-2015The largest annual event in the mobile sphere; the Mobile World Congress is hosted in Barcelona, and this year’s event is not long away as it takes place over four days from the 2-5th March 2015.

Major players like HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG and Microsoft are all suspected to unveil exciting new innovations to their platforms, products and services. Each year surpasses the next with the ...

Mobile App Developments by Yahoo to Reap Ad Revenue

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mobile-app-developmentAt its first ever Developer’s Conference last Thursday, the 19th Feb 2015 in San Francisco, Marisa Mayer launched the “Yahoo Mobile Development Suite”. This is essentially a free toolkit for managing mobile apps. It combines Yahoo app publishing for monetization, search in apps, and app marketing with analytics.

Critics deem this recent news as a shrewd move for Yahoo and hailed it a transition that could reestablish ...

Creating an App to Connect with Your Mobile Audience

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creating-an-appThe app you create can skyrocket you into an immediate marketplace and expand your customer base. Other apps are not so lucky, this can be due to the wrong name, not enough effort but into the app creation, or simply containing worthless content. Having a great app with unique content and download potential is a good starting place, as there are so many apps on ...

Decline in Google Search Due to Mobile App Usage

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Mobile-App-UsageReports this week suggest that mobile app usage is hurting the top search engines. Especially from mobile as people now search for information within apps like; Lonely Planet, Hotels.Com, Instagram, and Wiki Encyclopedia.

Google had dominance over the way we searched online, but with the rapid rise in mobile apps, this power is becoming vulnerable.

Another possible threat to Google is the fact that their deal ...

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