e Publishing Companies Improve Reader Engagement Rates

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e-publishing-companiesThe impact of e Publishing on the world has been phenomenal to say the least. Fast distribution speeds and open access to all types of content has meant opportunity for companies to get recognition in places they once never dreamed possible.

If you have a PC or Mac computer, you can be your own publisher. e Publishing companies are popping up everywhere. Most marketers are ...

5 Creative Ways to Cut your Digital Publishing Costs

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cut-digital-publishing-costsIt seems that every day we are being bombarded with news of print publications ceasing to exist, collapsing under the fall of advertising revenue in print editions and ever-growing costs. Some companies seem to be taking dramatic steps to cut down their costs by taking advantage of a growing number of digital publishing techniques:

1. Design templates
Source an online library of professionally designed brochures, adverts ...

App Development Cost – Not as Colossal as You May Think!

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app-development-costYou may think developing an app is out of your reach financially, but reading today’s blog will enlighten to just how achievable it can be.

In these days of fluctuating economies, we all are a little more tentative when it comes to investing in new technologies. But it may very well be these new forces that are going to keep many a company afloat.

The development cost is actually very affordable ...

Convert PDFs to Pageflip for iPads, iPhone, Tablets…

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digital-publishing-mobile-devices3D Issue has an assortment of features that enables you to create your interactive digital publications, be they promotional sales catalogs, digital magazines, eNewsletters, event guides, information guides, white papers, annual reports, prospectuses, eBooks, flipbooks, look books, or any other types of digital replicas of print publications.

The full array of options in the software provides the following publication types:

•  Flash ...

Brand Experience on Instagram and Beyond

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brand-experienceDeveloping your brand experience across multiple platforms is paramount in the current digital media marketplace. In today’s blog you will see some useful insights into ways to maximize your brand’s presence through the use of some simple modern methods.

For many years now 3D Issue has been producing software to help companies with their publishing needs. Progressively more and more businesses are also embracing ...

Mobile Application of E Commerce

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application-of-e-commerceE commerce is usually associated with buying and selling over the internet, in recent years the ways and means to do this have developed into common practices through peoples’ adoption of mobile apps and internet usage.

The definition of E commerce by Wikibooks:
“E commerce refers to a wide range of online business activities for products and services. It also pertains to “any form of ...

Magazines are Enjoying a Digital Renaissance

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magazines-are-enjoying-a-digital-renaissanceThere is no denying that magazines have transcended to every screen imaginable of late. The digital reality of this has had exciting consequences for mobile, tablet, PC and more…

The evolutions in the publishing sector are continually motivated by the frequent new developments and improvements in technology. As a result, this sector has to deal with the challenge of an audience with high expectations on ...

VIDEO How to: Upload your Digital Magazines

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how-to-upload-your-digital-magazinesThe 3D Issue digital publishing software allows you to create and host your own digital magazines. This enables you to have comprehensive control of what and when you publish without independence on third parties.

We frequently get asked by our customers and trail users about how exactly they can host their own editions on their own website, or if we provide cloud hosting services.

Well, ...

Track Mobile App Downloads to Influence Your Marketing

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mobile-app-downloadsMobile apps have truly taken the world by storm, never before has a new technology been met with such with mass consumer appeal.

In today’s blog we offer a little advice on how you should be aware of current statistics on mobile app downloads and how this should influence how you plan and attack your mobile marketing strategy.

See a useful blog here on the top types of mobile marketing to boost ...

Increase Online Revenue Through Excellent Customer Service

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Excellent-customer-serviceBe a good listener: Listen carefully or read emails with great intent, so you can fully grasp the queries the customer is having before you attempt to reply.

Say sorry when needed: Having the ability to apologize is a strength in business. There are times when we all need to hold our hands up and admit we are not perfect and in the future we ...

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