Custom Application Development for Food Chains

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custom-application-developmentAs most major food chains are developing custom apps to appeal to their mobile on-the-go customers it comes as a big surprise that once kingpin McDonalds still have not launched theirs!

The race is on for the famous golden arches brand to catch up with their competitors. They broke the news yesterday at their UBS Global Consumer conference that this Summer the app will finally launch.

Pete Bensen McDonalds Chief Administrative Officer admitted ...

New Trends in Marketing Newsletters

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new-trends-in-marketingTo be a proactive digital marketer in 2015 diversify your strategy to network and connect to future trends. You don’t have much time; as software marketing tools, and devices to contact people are constantly evolving. Keeping up the pace can mean trying out new tactics quickly and measuring the results as you go. Act on the data that is creating success. Drop the activities that are ...

Reasons to Use the 80/20 Rule to Promote Your Business

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promote-your-businessIn a nutshell the 80/20 definition is that: 20 percent of the effort you put in provides 80 percent results.

In business, around 20 percent of your customers produce about 80 percent of your sales.

Getting to know and understand this 20 percent and knowing how to target more from this demographic will save you time sifting through the masses and build your client base to a healthy ...

Brand Identity Design Integrated with Future Technology

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brand-identity-designThe design of your corporate branding should encapsulate your company across all realms of visibility. This has even more relevance in this era of content marketing, as the promotional videos, blogs, articles, catalogs, information guidebooks, magazines, newsletters and infographics you produce should all represent your company to the highest standard possible. All these content types listed above can be transformed easily to suit an ...

Content Discovery Apps that Auto Update

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Content-DiscoveryPeople like to discover new, unique, dynamic content. It is how many businesses gain the attention and admiration of the online public and broaden their client base as a result.

Having an app that can pull in your content for you and auto update to the newest news is so convenient. And the good news is that apps like this are not too difficult to create.

Have you an app on the ...

Google Search Ads to Appear in the Play Store

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google-search-adsIn today’s blog we take a look at the news that Google announced on their Android developers blog last week regarding the pilot launch of Google search ads in the Play Store.

This new venture will see mobile app developers being able to advertise the apps they have created when users search for apps directly within the Google Play Store.

Google’s extensive expertise with search ads allows them to roll out this advertising feature ...

Is the “Stop Junk Mail” Trend Costing Businesses Money?

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stop-junk-mailThe answer to the question in the title of today’s blog is YES! Businesses are wasting money on vast amounts of expensive printed literature that no one even reads.

Do you receive endless volumes of junk mail? Are printed coupon books, fliers, brochures, the Yellow Pages, supermarket offers, and catalogs filling your home and work mail boxes leaving you with an abundance of unwanted printed material to ...

Combat Expensive Magazine Printing Costs

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magazine-printing-costsMagazine printing costs vary immensely depending on paper, printers used and the size of the print run. A monthly magazine will incur print fees with each print run needed based on demand. A simple way to save money is by investing in a digital publishing software. Once single payment allows you to print endless editions of your magazine for years to come. Another advantage is ...

Recent App Development Company News

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app-development-companyAt present, mobile app is the category of the mobile marketplace that is growing at the fastest rate. There is no denying that application development companies are on the rise. Many of these companies emerged from existing online firms that have now tailored their development to meet market’s needs. Being in the technology business is all about evolving with the audience around you, the devices they use and updates to software ...

How to Build a Brand Through Online Techniques

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how-to-build-a-brandThere are many ways to gain traction online and your brand identity should be foremost in your marketing journey. Building your brand online takes time and effort, but once you have a good strong foundation the benefits can last for years. Ensure top quality logos, images, fonts, audio and video are always used to market your company. Poor representation in any of these areas ...

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