Creating Digital Brochures in Multiple Languages

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creating-digital-brochures-in-multiple-languagesIf you are creating marketing literature for your company and have a global customer base then you will probably have your brochures translated into various languages.

If you want to convert these into digital online brochures then did you know you can change the language of all the buttons and text displayed in the reader interface and rollovers?

You can also then link your different language ...

Marketing Apps; Mobile Marketing News

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mobile-marketing-newsIn today’s blog catch up with the latest mobile marketing news. Breaking news in the mobile marketing industry is seeing innovative means to share and reach new prospects like never before. Now all your content can be packaged in a marketing app that appeals directly to large audience segments.

Know your mobile audience
Huge financial gains can be made for your company by simply marketing correctly ...

How to Embed YouTube Videos in Your Digital Magazine

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embed-video-digital-magazine3D Issue has a number of features which, when used correctly, can provide quite substantial time saving in your digital publication creation, and also for Search Engine Optimization. 3D Issue online magazine software has interactive features which allow the publisher to add in various rich media elements.

One of the most interesting of these elements is the ability to add a YouTube video ID so ...

Reasons Why Mobile App Development Companies are in Demand

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mobile-app-development-companiesWe see a rise in the amount of app inquiries we receive every day here at 3D Issue HQ. Mobile app development companies have never been in so much demand, and in response to this our app development team has increased in size.

Why has this technology gained so much traction so quickly?

I watched a Ted Talk recently by Jan Chipchase who studies behavioral patterns that will inform the ...

The e-Brochure; Vital in Your Online Marketing Plan‏

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ebrochure-vital-in-your-online-marketingWhich tools can be used to reach the target audience more effectively?

Digital publishing provides you with a wide range of highly effective tools; one of them is the e-brochure – a vital component in your online marketing plan!

When creating your e-brochure, take into account the following points:

- User experience must be at the heart of your e-brochure: Make the most of the rich media features ...

Marketing Automation – Reduce the Stress!

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Marketing-AutomationYou can save time, effort and money by implementing some marketing automation strategies within your company.

People lead busy lives, the internet, with all the advantages and content it provides, adds even more tasks to an already hectic work load.

While the advantages of the online domain will always outweigh the disadvantages, keeping up with these tasks from a marketing perspective can be time consuming ...

Why Create Mobile Friendly Marketing Material?

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mobile-friendlyIn today’s blog, I will provide encouraging tips on how and why you should make your marketing material mobile friendly.

Scientists predict that in the future computers will become smarter than humans, perhaps as soon as 2040. We better keep up-to-date and on the right side of technology then!

Many of us have adapted to using rather complex computerized data and communications processing systems on ...

Create iPad Magazines in a Tick!

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create-ipad-magazines-in-a-tickEach day we speak with businesses worldwide regarding creating digital publications for their audience. There has been an increase in mobile friendly publications over the last few years as a result of the explosion in popularity of mobile and tablet devices including the iPad. So today we thought we’d answer a few of the most frequent questions we get asked about creating iPad magazines and ...

Mobile Marketers! Be Alert to Consumer Trends

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mobile-marketerWhat practices are dominating the mobile market? How are marketers reacting to evolving device usage trends? In today’s blog, I will examine these questions and answer them with respect to what exactly is needed in a mobile marketer’s future strategy.

According to CCTV, China’s online food and catering industry is expanding at a rapid rate. A report by the Beijing-based group Analysys International says that 370 million individual orders were placed ...

10 Digital Magazine Customization Elements

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10-digital-magazine-customization-elementsWhen you create your digital magazines with 3D Issue, take a few minutes to integrate your desired look and feel into both the skin and rich media elements. It is easy to do and well worth the effort as it reinforces your brand and corporate identity. We’ve created a graphic below outlining some of the key customizable areas, and don’t forget you can change certain ...

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