The Importance of Visual Content Marketing

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visual-content-marketingAs a website owner, I’m sure you’re always trying to increase the traffic to your site. As difficult a task as it may be, it’s not an impossible one and visual content marketing could be the answer you’re looking for.

Many people write blogs for their website, but not many use visual content to its full potential. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how ...

How to Build an Audience Online

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how to build an audience onlineThere are several ways to build an audience online. However, every business is different and so are your customers. Today I’m going to show you just a few options but since you are the expert in your business, I’ll leave up to you which ones to choose.

The most popular way to build an audience online. Every business seems to ...

Digital Marketing Stats You Should Be Reading

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digital-marketing-statsDigital Marketing Stats are important for every company be it small or large. Data helps Marketers plan campaigns, measure success, and make business decisions.

Follow and pay attention especially to those Digital Marketing Stats that are relevant to your business. These metrics highlight the trends in the industry and will point you towards your marketing success.

In case you don’t know where to start ...

Mobile Website VS Mobile App,which one should you choose?

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mobile website vs mobile appFor any business that wants to be competitive, going mobile is not a choice anymore. Most take this approach with a mobile friendly website. In fact, few are the ones that take advantage of the benefits of a native app even though smartphone users spend 88% of their time using apps rather than web browsers in their phones. The good thing is that you know ...

HTML5 VS Flash: is Flash’s number up?

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html5 vs flashIn the last couple of weeks we have been hearing a lot about Flash and it’s insecurities exposed by The Hacking Team in their zero-day exploits. With these events taking place it is time to look at alternatives to Flash such as HTML5. So in this article we are going to put HTML5 vs Flash and talk about the respective options and ...

How to Create Digital Subscriptions for your Readers

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digital-subscriptionsLately, we have been getting lots of inquiries about what sort of subscription-based model comes with our software. In today’s blog we will help you understand the many facets of the 3D Issue software. And in particular how to create digital subscriptions of your issues for your readers.

Simply create a user login system for the readers who have purchased digital subscriptions. See a video tutorial ...

3D Issue e-Magazine Software Free Trial is a Well Worth a Try Out

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3d-issue-e-magazine-software-free-trial-is-a-well-worth-a-try-outThe move to digital could be an ambiguous step to take unless you have the opportunity to experience what this move really means and its implications for your company. One way to reduce this uncertainty is by trying out an e-magazine software trial; which 3D Issue makes freely available so you can have a first-hand know-how of what you can achieve through the digital ...

Mobile App Testing – Experience What Your Audience Sees

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mobile-app-testingIn today’s blog, I will discuss the importance of mobile app testing. By asking your employees, family and friends to test your app on their personal phones and tablets you and they can experience what your audience can expect.

All devices and platforms need to be tested usually but with using an app builder like 3D Issue you can rest assured that the apps you build will look good on all ...

Improve Your Content Strategy; Marketing in 5 Easy Ways

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content-strategy-marketingThere is always room for improvement when it comes to content strategy and online marketing for your business. The better the content the more brand awareness it creates. So it is really important to take your time on your content, having so many companies up against yours – you need a strategy.

Don’t be afraid to try new ways of marketing, if you just blog, why ...

Get Industry News to Your Customers Quickly

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industry-newsDo you feel connected with your audience?

Have you provided them with enough information about your company for them to trust you?

Encourage and nurture customer communication:

Customer communication is vital for the success of a business. You need to understand the customers wants and needs. Customers want to know that you appreciate that they chose your brand over its competitors. Lack of communication with your customers ...

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