Watch out iPad, Stiff Competition Coming your way

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watch-out-ipad-stiff-competition-coming-your-wayThis month celebrates the five year anniversary of the iPad, it’s difficult to believe that it has only been around a short five years as the first iPad was released on April 3, 2010. iPad has faced major competition from the likes of Samsung, Huawei and HTC and with the continued emergence of low-cost tablet brands now faces its biggest challenges to date.

iPad need to ...

Importance of Mobile on Company Revenue

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importance-of-mobileAs we have reached the end of the first quarter of 2015 companies are reviewing their figures for this segment of the year and one common thread they are sighting throughout is the importance of mobile.

In today’s blog, I will examine the above statement in more detail, give examples of large corporate companies and the effects mobile usage has had on them, also ...

Finding Mobile Application Development Services

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mobile-application-development-servicesMobile applications are increasing in popularity at rapid levels and as a result the people behind their creation; the app development services are struggling to meet demand.

Many app developers have appeared on the market in the last year or two.

Unless you have the time to learn how to code, you may want to look about employing a good app developer to create your app for you. This may be ...

How to Use Press Release Software to Impress Journalists

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press-release-softwareIf you are an organization, business owner or distributor then you may create press releases to let the general public know about your new products, improved features, industry news and so on. With ever evolving technology enhancements, ways to produce marketing content has really stepped up.

Nowadays inboxes can be totally overwhelmed with emails. Your email or message needs to have something different to stand ...

Staggering Statistics From the e Commerce Industry

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e-commerce-industryThe high rise in the adoption of smartphones and tablets as shopping devices has meant a new realm of market penetration for the e commerce industry.

Mobile commerce growth is explosive. Business Insider recently reported that purchases made using a smartphone or tablet rose 48% year-over-year (YoY) in the second quarter, to about $8 billion. That’s three times faster than desktop-based e commerce, and the ...

Create Digital Newsletters for Marketing Purposes

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create-digital-newsletters-for-marketingOur marketing efforts inevitably should enable us to attract more clients.

In today’s blog, I will share valuable information of interest to business owners on creating newsletters and what is trending in the online world right now…

The daily routine of an online entrepreneur can vary extensively from one day to the next. It can be busy, exciting, and challenging all at the same time. We want to minimize the challenges that may occur ...

Create Winning Content With Mobile Marketing Software

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mobile-marketing-softwareWith the help of an easy to use mobile marketing software you can reach mobile users virtually 24/7/365. Because mobile phones are almost always on and constantly being checked by their owners your email, message, social share, or push notification will be instantly seen. Even if the user has their phone on standby mode or switched off once they turn on their phone they will ...

Free eBook – 50 Awesome Digital Publishing Tips & Tricks

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free-ebook-epublishing-tipsHere at 3D Issue we post many newsletters, blogs and articles on a regular basis about how to get the most out of your 3D Issue digital publishing software.

So that our users can get access to all these useful tips easily and quickly we’ve put together our own digital magazine: “50 Awesome Tips & Tricks“

Read through and check out the sound advice from members of ...

App Blog – How to Publish Your Blog Entries to an App

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app-blogIf you write a regular blog you will delight in new ways to gain more traffic to that blog. You may be attracted to the approaches that new technologies have taken to enhance an online audiences’ reading experience on any device.

Have you fully submitted your content to a mobile audience yet?

Mobile web and mobile apps are the future favorite devices and applications for spending time on the worldwide web; oh and ...

ABC Release Digital and Hard Copy Sales Report

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digital-and-hard-copy-salesFor the last decade, the internet has brought serious disruption to a once lucrative business; that of print publishing. Magazine and newspaper companies have been the worst affected by the changes in reading trends.

According to the marketforce ABC digital summary report:
From January to June 2014 301.0k digital copies were sold, representing an increase of 30.5% year on year.

Digital sales increasing in the ...

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