Utilize an Online Catalogue Creator to Increase Sales

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Online-Catalogue-CreatorThe opportunities an online catalogue hold are indeed immense. Many companies that have used 3D Issue have seen their business grow as a direct result of this marketing creation. Having a catalog online available from your website, opens up lots of possibilities for more potential and returning clients to view your product range.

The marketing opportunities extend to sharing the online catalog you have created through ...

How to Advertise Your App

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How to Advertise Your AppYou may have thought that creating your app was the difficult part, however with the large number of apps widely available getting your app noticed is the most difficult task you have to overcome. With over 1.6 apps currently available on the Android app store and 1.5 million available on Apple app store getting your app higher than hundreds of competitors is a challenging task. Creating an app ...

3D Issue App Features

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app-featuresMore and more businesses are following the mobile trend. However, having a mobile friendly site is not the only way in which you can help your business grow. Mobile app creation is the newest big trend and there are a number of reasons why creating an app for your business is a good idea.

Mobile apps can help improve customer engagement, build brand awareness and recognition and help you stand out from ...

Useful Marketing Strategy Ideas

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Marketing-Strategy-IdeasA company or businesses marketing strategy combines all of its marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. The time and effort you put into your marketing strategy can be the key to having a major increase in profits to many unsold products.

Let’s take a look at some marketing strategy ideas and how they can be implemented to help the growth of your business:

• Get involved in Social Media: When creating social media accounts, ...

Best Page Flip Software for your Online Marketing Campaign

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Best Page Flip Software for your Online Marketing CampaignMarketing campaigns involve a coordinate series of steps in order to promote a product, brand or service through the use of a variety of different advertising means. Marketing campaigns can be created for both online and offline markets. Today we will focus on online marketing campaigns and the use of a page flip software to take them to ...

How to Create your own Interactive Brochure

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 Interactive BrochureAs we move forward in the publishing industry we have seen a trend in which more and more people are going digital with their publications. We hear more words like digital magazine and interactive brochure being used.

In order to retain your customers you must provide them with what they want, keeping updated with the industry will insure you are on top of what your ...

Growth through Mobile App Business Ideas

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mobile app businessToday we will take a look into the app world to see why it is the next step regarding business plans. We will also look at how to tackle the mobile app business with no previous coding experience or knowledge needed.

In 2015 the mobile app business is growing, with technology advancing daily many businesses are turning to apps. According to Smart Insights mobile media time is now ...

How to Make your Own Brand

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make-your-own-brandStarting out with any business can be difficult, knowing where and how to begin can be a daunting task. Today we will take a look at how to make your own brand and why it is important to get it right.

Branding involves creating a unique, individual name and image that will promote your business and differentiate you from competitors. It’s one of the key things in order to ...

How to Promote Your Business Online?

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how to promote your businessWhen first starting off a business it can be hard knowing where to begin, who to target and where your target audience may be. A number of questions may be running through your mind, ‘do they use the web’, ‘do they prefer apps’ or even ‘how do they like important information displayed’. All of these questions can be overwhelming and knowing where to start is difficult. There are ...

Upgrade to the Latest Version of 3D Issue – 7.3 has Just Been Released!

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upgrade-7.3It’s an exciting day here at 3D Issue HQ as we launch version 7.3, which is available now. The new version is full of new and enhanced features, to ensure you get the best from your digital editions. We always have one thing in mind when thinking on improving and that’s you. We strive to suit your needs by taking your feedback into consideration.

Here are ...

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