Writers and Publishers Are Using Book Publishing Software

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book-publishing-softwareIncreasingly writers and publishers are creating digital editions themselves using book publishing software on their personal PC’s, Macs and laptops.

Digital editions have so many advantages: selling books quicker than traditional print and with less hassle. Also the eBook version of the publication gives readers instant access to books using the internet.

Upon finalizing the end version of a book, writers have various possibilities open to them. When a writer begins to ...

Ideas on How to Make Your Own Brand

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make-your-own-brandA brand creates an identity for your company.

Making your own brand is like building a platform for all your marketing strategies. I think there are two elements that make up the brand: 1. the physical brand and 2. the relationship that the company has built up with its customers.

David Ogilvy, author of “Ogilvy on advertising” describes a brand as “The intangible sum of ...

Develop Your Mobile Marketing Strategies

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Mobile-Marketing-StrategiesHow can I increase on online sales?

One of the most important aspect of growing your online sales and reach is to a develop your mobile marketing strategies… Mobile use is growing faster than all other medium in the personal market.

What are mobile marketing strategies?

It focuses on having digital marketing strategies tailored to meet the needs of your mobile audience. It helps you connect with your ...

Reasons to Promote Your App on TV

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promote-your-appMaking an app just isn’t going to do it for you, it’s all about the process. And by process I mean the launching of the app and the promoting of the app.

Businesses primarily think to market on the web but we all underestimate the power of advertising on the television. But the business game is always changing which is why as marketers, we have to stay at the top of our game.

I’ve ...

Using Twitter to Market your Digital Magazines and e-Books?

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using-twitter-to-market-digital-magazine-ebooksBefore we look at how to market your digital magazine or e-book, let’s look at some statistics about Twitter from www.jeffbullas.com and other sources that prove Twitter’s worth as a great marketing channel. Marketers generate leads and close deals for the companies they represent through Twitter.

1. A mind blowing 300 billion tweets have been sent since inception.

2. Tweets with image links have 5 times ...

Read About Marketing Automation Software

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marketing-automation-softwareIn today’s business world a primary communication method is digital technology. We are living in a 24-hour society, where there is an expectation of news updates, and online business communication, social media updates in real time. Marketing automation software is one method of facilitating this process.

Margaret Rouse, WhatIs.com describes marketing automation as “the use of software to automate marketing processes such as customer segmentation, customer data integration (CDI), and ...

Content Marketing Tool for a Freelance Copy Editor

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freelance-copy-editorToday’s blog will give you some interesting information on a useful marketing tool that freelance copy editors in particular should find of benefit.

Most publishers have many content writers and creators on their books and depending on the day, breaking news or story involved, some will be called upon while others may not be needed until a story develops that they are specifically suited to write.

Newspapers, for example, will have a ...

Everything you Need to Know About “Content Blockers”

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Content-BlockerDue to be released this Autumn with Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 9, is a function for “content blocking” in Safari.

The scope this new development will have cannot be denied and it is expected to have immense effects on content and web browsing habits.

The pros
The possibility of speeding up web page load time by blocking ads, trackers, cookies, pop-ups, scripts and other ...

Easy Tips on How to Drive Traffic to your Blog Quickly

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how-to-drive-traffic-to-your-blogHow can I rank higher on Google?

This is a question asked by many people and the answer is traffic. And the easiest way to attract traffic is through the use of a blog, which you’ll be happy to hear:

The only thing blogging costs is your time.

Writing a blog is easier said than done. It does require a lot of time but research proves a ...

5 Innovative Tips for Digital Brochure Design

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digital-brochure-designGraphic design principles are aspiring to a whole new level of digital capabilities. This makes it essential for designers to learn about the digital side of their projects, they now have to give this aspect special respect in relation to e-brochures. Designers must endeavor to educate themselves on all the features their designs can have when used across these new digital platforms. They must ...

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