Digital Magazines update 9.1

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Today marks the official release of the latest update to our Flipbook software.  We have added a bunch of new features and enhancements to the software solution to further set ourselves apart from the competition. At 3D Issue, we are continuously updating and improving what we have, for our customers. To give you a little insider information, below we will also give you a glimpse of what to expect in ...

E-Magazine Design Ideas

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magazine designseMagazine design has progressed swiftly in recent years. Contrary to what some people may think, eMagazines are not just a digital replica of printed versions. They offer a wide range of interactivity, a multitude of design options and above all a creative and engaging experience for readers. It’s so important that your readers feel comfortable when reading your publication and in today’s blog we’ve compiled some eMagazine design ideas we think ...

What Makes a Successful Digital Magazine

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ford-digital-magazine-coverDigital magazines are often seen as a way of reproducing a printed publication on screen, however they are much more than this. Flicking through pages in a printed magazine is a very different experience to swiping on a tablet or smartphone, let alone the numerous interactivity you can include in a digital edition. With the right digital magazine software, you can create a truly engaging experience for your audience across all devices.

There ...

4 Tips to Help Promote your School

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The top schools today have strong fundamentals and are adaptable to the needs of students. They are heavily involved in promoting engagement with parents and families in their students’ education. They embrace technology and encourage their students to progress within this new digital era.

Today, traditional methods of obtaining new students are simply outdated. Printed newspaper adverts, direct mails etc are no longer effective methods for schools as they can be quite ...

Publishing Mistakes you Want to Avoid

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mistakes in publishingOver time, the way in which we market and advertise has changed substantially. We are firmly within a digital age and the online publishing industry has overtaken print. Publishers are having to change from traditional methods to new online platforms full of modern technologies that can greatly improve your business. However, many publishers tend to make mistakes during this transformation. Below we’ve outlined some common publishing mistakes to avoid.

Not ...

Adding Image Galleries to your Publications

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Image GalleryIt’s important for every company to showcase their products to their customers and it can prove essential not only to include images but also image galleries in their publications. This enables the customers to familiarise themselves more with the products and services the company offers. The audience can become more informed regarding the products and the need to call a support line is reduced.

Showcasing your products to your customers gives ...

10 Reasons to Convert your Printed Catalog to Digital

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Print vs Digital
There are many advantages for companies using digital catalogues. Going digital allows you to easily make swift updates without cost which guarantees the content of your catalog stays up to date. Once you make these changes, they are instantly updated and viewable for your clients. Updating product information is essential as items may run out of stock and newer stock can be added with ease.

E-catalogs can aid your audience ...

The Importance of Digital Magazine Advertising

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Digital vs PrintIn recent years, we’ve seen a shift in advertising budgets from traditional methods to digital. While print remains static, digital is dynamic and engaging. Digital magazines offer a completely different experience for the reader with links, videos, interactivity, animations and more. For publishers it’s a potential goldmine, not only charging for showing an ad but also for the many ways the adverts are shown.

The digital publishing industry continues to ...

End-of-Life for Flash

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R.I.P flashLast year the death of flash was well and truly in motion as Google Chrome began blocking all flash content. There’s no doubt flash played a vital role in the past however in recent years there’s been numerous flaws in both performance and security. Change was on the horizon and tech giants such as Apple and Google began shifting away from Flash. Even Adobe themselves could see the end in sight ...

How to Make your PDF Look and Feel Professional

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professional looking pdfPDF’s

PDFs were developed in 1992 and today it is a format trusted by businesses around the world. The PDF is widely renowned as a great format however one must agree, it remains quite limited in comparison to online formats. There is some level of hassle involved such as having to download a large PDF file. Content can often come across as boring in a PDF coinciding with its sharing inabilities ...

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