5 ways to increase Employee retention with an App

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Employee retention1. Building a community

Apps are not just for external communication. More and more companies have realised of the potential of these little handy tools as a means for internal communication and to keep employees up to date with all that is going on within the company.

When we started developing our app platform we wanted to make sure that clients could add content not only from RSS feeds, alerts ...

How to market to Millennials: Go Mobile

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How to market to MillennialsThe first computer I ever had was a ZX81. You had to manually add in 141 lines of code each time you wanted to play a game of pong as the machine had no memory.

Fast forward to the noughties and it’s hard for that generation to think of a world without internet, the same happens to millennials, they can’t imagine a world without mobile.

The fact ...

6 things to consider about the Future of Digital Publishing

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Future of digital publishingThe world is now mobile. Search and email consumption on mobile have now surpassed desktop. To retain and grow your audience your content needs to be mobile centric. Mobile apps offer companies a secure way to publish and deliver content instantly and into the hands of your audience. However when considering how to migrate your content to mobile, there are a few things you need to ...

The 5 Best App Strategies to Engage Customers

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the best appsCreating an app that engages your audience is vital to the success of your mobile content marketing strategy. The best apps, those with the highest rate of audience retention, belong to companies that produce ‘sticky content’, content that has value for their market. However, providing valuable news regularly can often put a strain on small and medium size businesses and their resources.

The use of content aggregation tools is a ...

10 Things to Know when You Want to Create a Magazine App

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Create a magazine appAt 3D Issue, we have been generating digital magazine software for over 10 years. From the early days of flash to HTML5 to native apps, we have worked with publishing clients to help develop solutions for the new channels and platforms.

1.Can I create this magazine app without hiring an app development team?

Publishing companies don’t traditionally have in house app development teams and for that reason they often engage with ...

10 Things you Need to Know when Creating a Travel Brochure App

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Create a travel brochureThere is no easier or cost effective way to distribute content to your audience than via mobile apps. With the high penetration of smartphones, you can seamlessly deliver media rich content from your travel brochures directly into the hands of each of your travellers.

However, when creating a travel brochure app, there are a number of challenges that you must overcome.

1. Your app is limited to 100mg in size. ...

How to Improve Customer Experience

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Customer ExperienceThe one thing nearly every company or business owner has in common is the constant need to improve customer experience. Customers are the heart and soul of every business, without them effectively there would be no company.

Today’s blog focuses on how to improve customer experience. With 64,5000,000 results online on “how to improve customer experience”, we know people are continually searching for ways to improve upon their customer experience.

If a ...

Create a Newsstand App

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Create newsstand appNot long ago a customer came to us with a problem. They are a travel and tour operator with a lot of content and knowing how important content is nowadays, they wanted to share it with their audience on mobile.

Imagine a guide for each of the cities included in their holiday-packages that offers all the latest news, current events, restaurants etc. in real time.

To accomplish this, they faced a number ...

10 Simple Content Marketing Hacks

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Content marketing hacksYou’ve heard people mention content marketing but you have never been quite sure what it actually meant. In today’s blog we will focus on content marketing, explaining it briefly whilst also looking at some content marketing hacks and explaining how you can benefit from introducing it into your marketing plan.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves creating and distributing valuable ...

Need to know How to Create Apps for Small Businesses?

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Apps-for-small-businessesIn today’s blog we will focus on how to create apps for small businesses and how they can benefit small businesses. In the industry today many people assume app creation is only for the larger and more popular businesses, small business owners tend to shy away from the idea of creating an app mainly due to the fact they feel they cannot benefit from it.

Is creating apps for small businesses the next ...

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