Content Marketing Tool for a Freelance Copy Editor

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freelance-copy-editorToday’s blog will give you some interesting information on a useful marketing tool that freelance copy editors in particular should find of benefit.

Most publishers have many content writers and creators on their books and depending on the day, breaking news or story involved, some will be called upon while others may not be needed until a story develops that they are specifically suited to write.

Newspapers, for example, will have a ...

Everything you Need to Know About “Content Blockers”

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Content-BlockerDue to be released this Autumn with Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 9, is a function for “content blocking” in Safari.

The scope this new development will have cannot be denied and it is expected to have immense effects on content and web browsing habits.

The pros
The possibility of speeding up web page load time by blocking ads, trackers, cookies, pop-ups, scripts and other ...

Easy Tips on How to Drive Traffic to your Blog Quickly

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how-to-drive-traffic-to-your-blogHow can I rank higher on Google?

This is a question asked by many people and the answer is traffic. And the easiest way to attract traffic is through the use of a blog, which you’ll be happy to hear:

The only thing blogging costs is your time.

Writing a blog is easier said than done. It does require a lot of time but research proves a ...

5 Innovative Tips for Digital Brochure Design

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digital-brochure-designGraphic design principles are aspiring to a whole new level of digital capabilities. This makes it essential for designers to learn about the digital side of their projects, they now have to give this aspect special respect in relation to e-brochures. Designers must endeavor to educate themselves on all the features their designs can have when used across these new digital platforms. They must ...

Easy iPhone App Design That Anyone Can Utilize

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iphone-app-designPeople from 190 countries download apps every day according to Createwittyblog.

Do you have a great idea for an app? Are you thinking it would be a great marketing tool for a business such as yours? You’re correct about it being a great marketing tool, but how to design the app is another story.

Since the majority of us have iPhones, I’m going to focus a bit more on them in ...

Create Digital Editions for iPad and Other Devices!

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create-digital-editions-for-ipadFrom a mere PDF it is possible to create beautiful, functional digital publications in the form of magazines, newsletters and catalogs for reading on iPads and lots of other devices including smartphones, PC’s and eReaders.

The transformation can be quite staggering and the digital edition you create from your PDF can have all types of interactive elements inside. As the reader turns the pages they can ...

How to Build Brand Awareness and Be Reliable to Clients

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how-to-build-brand-awareness44% of US millennials consider themselves loyal to the brands they buy according to Factbrowser. If your brand hasn’t built a name for itself, it’s going to go nowhere.

The reason these millennials are loyal to a brand is because that company has built a strong relationship with that customer and has, in the customer’s eyes, become a reliable brand name. Your product could ...

Enjoy your Digital Newspaper Online Each Morning

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enjoy-your-digital-newspaper-online-each-morningDigital publishing can offer a wide range of benefits to the online audience; one of them is the possibility to enjoy your digital newspaper anytime and anywhere!

Our blog today deals with the digital newspaper sector and the reasons why media companies also have good reasons to be overjoyed.

The Sun Newspaper asserts that since going behind a paywall, it has attracted 792,994 unique browsers ...

Advertising Schools – 4 Tips to Help you Promote your School

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advertising-schools-4-tips-to-help-you-promote-your-schoolThere may be some fantastic schools out there, but if no one is aware of them how can they grow in numbers and develop further? Advertising schools have never been so competitive, so in today’s blog we aim to give you a few practical, easy to implement solutions that will boost your school’s profile in your community and beyond.

The best schools today have strong fundamentals ...

The Secrets to Using App Store Optimization

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app-store-optimizationHow can I go up against brands who are paying thousands to advertise their app?

The answer is App Store Optimization or ASO for short, I mean who wants to pay for marketing when with the right approach can do it for free and get the same or even better results than people who are paying. For many of you who are unsure of the term ‘optimization’ it is basically the ...

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