Publishing Mistakes you Want to Avoid

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mistakes in publishingOver time, the way in which we market and advertise has changed substantially. We are firmly within a digital age and the online publishing industry has overtaken print. Publishers are having to change from traditional methods to new online platforms full of modern technologies that can greatly improve your business. However, many publishers tend to make mistakes during this transformation. Below we’ve outlined some common publishing mistakes to avoid.

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Adding Image Galleries to your Publications

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Image GalleryIt’s important for every company to showcase their products to their customers and it can prove essential not only to include images but also image galleries in their publications. This enables the customers to familiarise themselves more with the products and services the company offers. The audience can become more informed regarding the products and the need to call a support line is reduced.

Showcasing your products to your customers gives ...

10 Reasons to Convert your Printed Catalog to Digital

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Print vs Digital
There are many advantages for companies using digital catalogues. Going digital allows you to easily make swift updates without cost which guarantees the content of your catalog stays up to date. Once you make these changes, they are instantly updated and viewable for your clients. Updating product information is essential as items may run out of stock and newer stock can be added with ease.

E-catalogs can aid your audience ...

The Importance of Digital Magazine Advertising

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Digital vs PrintIn recent years, we’ve seen a shift in advertising budgets from traditional methods to digital. While print remains static, digital is dynamic and engaging. Digital magazines offer a completely different experience for the reader with links, videos, interactivity, animations and more. In relation to advertising, digital magazines allow you to be more creative. If you want to increase the revenue generated from advertising, it’s essential that you create and implement ...

End-of-Life for Flash

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R.I.P flashLast year the death of flash was well and truly in motion as Google Chrome began blocking all flash content. There’s no doubt flash played a vital role in the past however in recent years there’s been numerous flaws in both performance and security. Change was on the horizon and tech giants such as Apple and Google began shifting away from Flash. Even Adobe themselves could see the end in sight ...

How to Make your PDF Look and Feel Professional

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professional looking pdfPDF’s

PDFs were developed in 1992 and today it is a format trusted by businesses around the world. The PDF is widely renowned as a great format however one must agree, it remains quite limited in comparison to online formats. There is some level of hassle involved such as having to download a large PDF file. Content can often come across as boring in a PDF coinciding with its sharing inabilities ...

3 Easy Steps to Create an Online Magazine

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Nowadays creating a digital magazine can be a simple and enjoyable task! It does not take a technological genius to create a digital edition of your magazine that combines a range of interactive features. An online magazine enables you to distribute print magazine content to your audience in digital form and there are many advantages. Publishing your content online can attract new readers and advertisers in order to increase profits, you can ...

HTML5: The Benefits for Sales and Marketing

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HTML5 is the fifth and latest version of Hypertext Markup Language which is the language that plays a key role in defining the appearance of a webpage. It was designed to resolve the problems that troubled the html web language, with HTML4 often slated for its poor functionality and compatibility issues. HTML5 is specifically designed for web and all major browsers are changing to HTML5 from flash. In fact, last year we ...

Digital Publishing Formats: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Before creating a publication it’s essential to research and understand the various output formats and tools available. There are many options out there and you should take time to consider which publishing format best fits your needs. Prior to creating a publication, there are many things to consider such as what platform your publication will be viewed on, what will be the focus of the content, the design and advertising strategies. Once ...

Tiled Rendering for Digital Magazines

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magazine readerIn version 9 of our software we have introduced a new solution that allows our customers to create mobile-centric digital editions on top of the standard digital editions our software generates. These new mobile-centric digital editions are 5 times faster than the mobile editions that were generated with version 8 and they far surpass any other mobile solution on the market.

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