Coming Soon: New Highlighting Feature Added as part of the Latest 3D Issue 9.2 Flipbook Enhancements

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At 3D Issue we are always looking into new features and enhancements that will create better performing Flipbooks for our customers. With the upcoming launch of Version 9.2, 3D Issue is excited to announce the addition of several new features.

The Highlight Feature

The highlight tool has been a highly requested feature. It will give your readers the opportunity to get more out of your digital editions, using the content in a way that allows them ...

Customer Success Stories with 3D Issue: ‘QTALK’ and their Experience Expanding their Products by Going Digital

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Company using digital publications for greater business opportunities

What is QTalk?

QTalk is a language learning method based on a series of icons which can be used to interpret full sentences that may be complex to understand in another language. It contains visual cues that allows students to speak which helps to undergo active participation for students to enhance their learning experience. Languages include English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic and some products are even ...

10 Ways Digital Publications Can Help You Generate Revenue

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Female using her digital devices to increase revenue through content marketing

Can I help my business generate more revenue through the use of digital Publications?

The answer is yes but it depends on the publishing software you choose.

 The majority of us need to find a way to self- sustain our businesses online and finding a digital publishing software that best suits your needs, is a step in the right ...

How Caesars Palace used FlipBooks to attract more attention digitally and increase customer interaction.

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Caesars Entertainment is an internationally known casino entertainment company that first opened in 1966 with the opening of the Caesar Palace. It was founded on providing it’s customers with outstanding services with excellent products and entertainment for their guests.

They have more than 20 nationwide destinations that offer 42,000 guest rooms and 1.9 million square feet of space. Caesars Entertainment is committed to caring for their all guests across ...

3D Issue Flipbooks Online FAQ’s

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Flipbooks Online
With the latest release of the new Flipbooks Online software, there are frequent questions being asked about our most recent launch. We hope that after reading through these answers below you will have a greater understanding of which platform would be best suited to you and you will be confident in your decision.

If I upgrade to Flipbooks Online do I still need the desktop version?

Due to the intricate work from the 3D Issue team, they ...

Introducing Flipbooks Online

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Editor area in Flipbooks Online from 3D IssueHow would you feel if you could access your Flipbooks software from anywhere and convert and publish your digital magazines in a tenth of the time that it takes with your desktop software?

Flipbooks Online is a brand new service for 3D Issue that allows companies and their teams to publish their digital magazines, documents, reports, brochures and catalogs online both faster and easier than ever ...

Choosing between the FlipBook Desktop software or FlipBook Online services

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The FlipBooks Online and Desktop solution have a number of individual characteristics that will fulfill different needs. Therefore, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what makes them different. Have a look at some of our frequently asked questions below to see which solution is right for you.

choosing flipbook software

‘’ I am looking for a quick result where I can add my documents, add interactivity such as hotspots, video, ...

Digital Magazines update 9.1

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Today marks the official release of the latest update to our Flipbook software.  We have added a bunch of new features and enhancements to the software solution to further set ourselves apart from the competition. At 3D Issue, we are continuously updating and improving what we have, for our customers. To give you a little insider information, below we will also give you a glimpse of what to expect in ...

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Digital Publishing Formats

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3-steps-to-choose-the-rigWhen choosing a digital publishing format that best suits your needs, there are three key steps to consider first. Remember, there are a number of formats available today and each offers something unique. There’s not a single digital document format for magazines, books and other publications.

Your team must invest time into researching the various publishing options and preparing the material to be used. The right digital publishing format may depend upon how ...

Online Magazine Design Best Practices

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eye-design-wordsIt is important to decide how you will present your content, who will it target and how. When designing your magazine there is no simple checklist that can define good design, but there are some essentials that tend to show up consistently.


It’s essential to plan the design of your magazine well in advance. You must have a clear idea of the layout of your magazine before filling it with content. Using grids ...

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