Conversion Rate Optimization through Content Personalization

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conversion rate optimizationWe’ve talked on numerous occasions about the importance of mobile, about how valuable content is and how to increase the engagement with your audience. Now it’s time to talk about the role of personalization in your digital marketing strategy.

What does marketing personalization mean?

We all know what personalization means in general, but what does it mean when we are talking about marketing?

The main goal behind personalization is to connect with ...

Connect with Customers by Listening to Them

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connect with customersOne of the most asked questions in Marketing forums is “why aren’t leads converting?” Most of the time the answer to this problem is in the way you connect with your customers, and believe it or not, the content you share and publish has a lot to do with it.

To better understand the whole idea behind conversion optimization through content let’s explore two examples of websites competing in the travel ...

4 B2B Lead Generation Secrets Experts Won’t Share With You

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b2b lead generationSharing is caring they say… but not everyone is ready to share their successful strategies in a market where the competition is so fierce.

Although B2B lead generation strategies look very different from those used in B2C, the truth is that in essence, they are quite similar.

Here is what many people in business won’t tell you:

Paid Traffic

Inbound marketing is great, in fact if you aren’t doing it already you should start ...

Digital Content Strategy Best Practices

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content strategy best practicesOver the past decade the evolution of the digital world has drastically reshaped the way your audience consumes information. Due to the dynamic nature of the new market businesses need to continuously adjust their marketing.

Everyday there are 3 content related activities that you will experience and that are closely related to the best digital content practices we are going to talk about today.

Publishing – From posts in ...

Filter Twitter Content on your Hub to Increase Engagement

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filter twitter contentTwitter is one of the main go-to social networks when it comes to fresh information. We’ve all witnessed on many occasions how Twitter can report news and information faster than sites like Forbes or CNN.

In fact, journalists now keep a close eye on the social network waiting for breaking news to come up. But how does this affect your business?

Whether you run a news site or an affiliate ...

How to do inbound Marketing with an App

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inbound marketing appIf you haven’t heard about inbound marketing until now, you’ve been missing out on one of the most important and effective types of marketing you can use to promote your business.

Although outbound marketing is still common among marketers for quick lead building, inbound is gaining popularity as the best long term solution to create a strong online brand presence.

Inbound marketing consists of a mix of different strategies that involve content ...

The Future of Content Distribution

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content distributionContent has become one of the most important marketing tools in the digital world and it’s only a matter of time before we see changes in the way it’s distributed.

The reason why content is so important is because your audience will always try to make a decision that’s backed up by trustworthy information.

Creating content is one of the best ways to both show your audience how knowledgeable you are ...

The Best Way to Use Digital to Increase Print Sales

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increase-print-salesYesterday we mentioned how similar offline and online marketing strategies are. Today we are going to focus on how your digital marketing efforts can help you increase your print sales.

The Importance Of Print Publications

We always emphasize the evolution of digital media and the internet environment as a whole and refer to it as the most important marketing channel all businesses need to use. However in real life a lot of companies ...

Combine Online and Offline marketing for Better Results

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online and offline marketingAn important number of businesses make the mistake of focusing on just one particular marketing channel or using one single strategy to reach their audience.

When it comes to marketing, putting all of your eggs in one basket is not a long term solution. The market is dynamic and in continuous change. The best way to ensure your future success is to combine different strategies.

Look at what happened to many ...

How Mobile has changed the Future of Publishing

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future-of-publishingThe first iPhone generation was presented to the world back in 2007. Since then the mobile industry has skyrocketed and phones have become multitasking devices.

Today you can purchase online, read a book, create a presentation for work, take photos, talk to your friends and even track our running distance using our smartphones. With this in mind it’s not hard to imagine how today’s mobile environment will affect the future of publishing.

Increased Access

Today ...

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