Why have an Online Catalog with a Shopping Option

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online catalog shoppingEverybody knows that decreasing the number of clicks needed for your visitors to complete an action is critical when it comes to improving your conversion rate.

The easier you make it for your visitor to see what they are looking for, the quicker they will be ready to buy, download, sign up or whatever it is that is your goal.

If your main objective is to sell them a product or service, ...

4 Common Content Marketing Mistakes you Want to Avoid

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content marketing mistakesSince the aim of content marketing is to reach the audience, the chances of the public noticing a content marketing mistake are really high.

Besides, in an ever changing environment where you need to adjust and change your strategies to your audience’s needs and market trends avoiding those mistakes is anything but easy.

It’s not like you can setup your content strategy and forget all about it, your audience and ...

How to Create a Digital Magazine in 3 Steps

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how to create a digital magazineWhen people come to us looking to create a digital magazine for the first time, one of their main concerns is usually how difficult the whole process is going to be.

Often the idea of creating a digital magazine seems too complicated, but the truth is that with the right tools it couldn’t be easier. In fact, the whole process could be summed up in 3 simple ...

Content Amplification made it Easy with 3D Issue Hubs

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Content amplificationAs you know, the quality of the content you publish is extremely important to reach your audience and keep them engaged.

However, that’s not enough to succeed. Not nowadays anyway. There are too many competitors and too many options to choose from. That’s the reason why content amplification is so important.

There are different content amplification strategies that you can put into practice. All of them have their own pros and cons and ...

Customer Retention Strategies For Online Businesses

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customer retention strategiesWhen building a business, one of the first things people do nowadays is create a powerful website that is effective in attracting visitors.

Once that’s done, the next step is to convert those visitors into customers. However, many businesses tend to forget about the following step, making those customers come back and keep buying.

This often forgotten step is really important for the overall revenue of a company. Take into account ...

TED Talks the Best Example on How to Build Online Presence With Content

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ted-talksI’m pretty sure you’ve already heard about TED talks. In case you don’t know it, TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design. These conferences have been taking place for over 30 years now.

Yes, although they’ve only become popular recently TED conferences or TED talks were here long before Apple presented their first iPhone.

Almost no one knows that 10 years ago, TED executives tried to push a TV show idea, and ...

Quick Tips and Tricks for a Better Digital Content Publishing

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digital content publishing tips and tricksDigital content publishing is one of the most complicated tasks companies face on a daily basis, and having so many external factors affecting the content creation process doesn’t make it any easier.

When creating content, not only do you have to think about your targeted reader and their interests, but you also have to stay tuned with all the latest trends in the industry while trying to run ...

What to look for in the Best Digital Magazine Software

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best digital magazine softwareWe all want to be successful online and if we can, find a way to make money while doing so.

What is preventing many people from achieving this is insufficient research.

Finding your perfect customer will provide you with enough insight into how to tailor your overall marketing strategy. However, you will need some research to know which are the best and most effective strategies to get the most out of ...

Important Features of a Digital Magazine Reader

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magazine readerBefore you start researching your competition or creating and implementing strategies, you need to get familiar with your audience. After all your magazine readers will be the ones to determine the content and appearance of your publication.

The Internet has changed not only the way people consume information but also their habits. The number of choices when it comes to information sources has multiplied over the past few years and most ...

Top Digital Publishing Tips you Rarely Hear

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digital publishing tipsThe amount of content created each day is insane. Hundreds of thousands of new pages are published every day making it really hard to find the right information.
Publishing and showcasing your content in the right way and making all your marketing efforts and channels work together, will help people find your content faster while improving your online presence.

Today I’m going to give you 3 important digital publishing tips that ...

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