Version 8.1 Major Enhancements to Performance of the Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Editions

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7.1 3D issueIn August this year we announced the monumental shift in our software’s direction with the release of v8. Version 8 saw Flash completely removed from the software after we correctly predicted that Flash would soon been removed completely from browser’s default settings. The team at 3D Issue worked around the clock to release a HTML5 solution that offered the same user experience and therefore ensured readers experienced no disruption to ...

Is Your Publication over 100 Pages and You Want to go Digital?

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 publication over 100 pagesDigital technology is changing the business world and will continue to push the limits of what’s possible at a great speed.

In fact, digital is now seen as a must, as a way for any business to guarantee their future, increase their profits, their revenue and grow, and to stay in contact with their potential customers all day, every day.

Big and small, all companies have now a ...

Marketing to Young People? This is What you Need to Know

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Marketing to young peopleMarketing professionals have studied young people and what they can do to engage with them for years, they are the future after all.

By understanding their attitudes, what they like and what they value they can gain not just a customer today, but also a customer that will last for years and that will hopefully bring in new customers as they start having kids and they grow up. Think ...

Why Choose a Pure HTML5 Publishing Software

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html5-publishing-softwareMore and more people are spending time reading through digital publications online and offline.

Up until recently Flash was the most popular technology on the internet when it came to videos, animations etc. In fact many were the sites relying on Flash.

However, over the past few years the security risks that the use of Flash creates have been uncovered and developers everywhere have been forced to look somewhere else. This is ...

The 5 Keys to Creating Content your Audience will Genuinely Love

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create content your audience will loveAs you know, the true key to content is relevancy. Relevancy is the crucial component that can increase your readership, and in turn your revenue.


Relevancy can refer to many different aspects. For example, it is pivotal that your content is available on the right device for your consumers. Ideally your content should be universally available, but if that’s not possible you should at least focus on ...

Advertising Opportunities for your New Digital Magazine

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advertising opportunitiesSo, you have invested into creating your own digital magazines and you’re worried that after all that hard work it won’t get the attention it deserves.

Unfortunately for some marketers going digital doesn’t meet their expectations and get discouraged when they don’t see the results they had anticipated.

Often the reason for this is that many tend to forget that although a lot of work has to be put into creating ...

3D Issue App Platform Gets a New Update

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what's new app platformWithin the app world, there is always something happening. Between developments and apps being launched every day there is never time for a rest.

We are excited to let you know that here at 3D Issue we’ve just updated our app platform. We are always thinking of new ways to improve our products, and that is all for you. We work towards reaching your needs and requirements.

We ...

The Secrets of Evergreen Content

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Secrets of evergreen contentEvergreen content is content that will keep its relevance and importance over time.

Everyone is obsessing over this strategy as it helps achieve a consistent flow of traffic which is highly valued by search engines.

There are many advantages to using evergreen content.

The main advantage is that this type of content rarely needs to be updated because it will never go out of date. This will save your business ...

Design With Digital publishing in Mind

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digital publishing designDesigning a digital magazine is similar to designing a print magazine.

The difference is that by going digital you’re providing your business with a whole new interactive world that will provide your users with a more active experience.

With digital publishing your business has the ability to engage and connect with consumers everywhere. It offers you many opportunities to reach and ultimately sell to a wider audience, an audience that wouldn’t ...

3 Top Tips to get more Digital Magazine Subscriptions

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increase digital magazine subscriptions1. Statistics

When looking at increasing your digital magazine subscriptions, take a look at your existing subscribers. How did they find you initially?

There are a few different things that you can do to find this out.

Your web stats on sites such as Google analytics show the keywords or keyphrases users searched for when they found your publication.

Google Analytics also shows you which sites or social media platforms ...

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