3 Cool New Roles for 2022 – We’re Hiring!

Looking for a new role for 2022? We need three new hires on the 3D Issue team as we roll out Experios, our next-gen digital publishing platform for content creators. 

Launched 15 years ago in Donegal’s Letterkenny, our range of software has been used by more than 18,000 customers with 99% of sales being overseas. We’re now on the lookout for a Marketing Exec, a Sales Exec and a Head of Sales. A proud supporter of the 4 Day Work Week movement, Paul McNulty – our founder and CEO – says, 

“Making the shift to a 4 day week has been a fantastic move from both a productivity and an employee happiness perspective.”

Fit the bill or know someone who does? Get those applications in, asap! You can send your CV to jobs@3dissue.com

Marketing Executive 

The marketing executive will join an established and leading marketing and SEM team and join the front line in launching a new product to our market. The successful candidate will work on developing an integrated digital marketing plan for its product suite. In this role you will be responsible for building strategic marketing campaigns, the brand’s messaging and positioning and also plan, develop and execute the branding, marketing, and PR initiatives.

Initially, the role will involve managing the marketing strategy for 3D Issue. The role will involve developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan which can cover:

  • Brand strategy/communications
  • New product introduction
  • Marketing strategy


Sales Executive

We are seeking tech-savvy sales personnel who can assist our current team in:

  • Selling inbound leads on the value that our products can add to their business processes
  • Generating enterprise leads through outbound campaigns
  • Cross-selling the benefits of new products our existing customer base

You will be working in a tight-knit team and will report directly to the Sales Manager. 3D Issue is a company that believes in meritocracy, ensuring that results are always recognized and rewarded accordingly.


Head of Sales 

3D Issue is seeking an experienced sales leader to assume responsibility for all revenue-generating functions, integrating, and aligning marketing, sales, customer experience, pricing, and revenue management with 3D Issue with special emphasis on our new product Experios.

We seek a person who will develop lead generation and sales execution plans and build a team to execute and deliver projected targets. Reporting to our CEO and founder, you’ll be critical in rounding out our leadership team and guiding 3D Issue through the next phase of its journey — building a company of smart and passionate people and creating a real impact.