News: Version 12 of Flipbooks Online Good-To-Go

Ready to make the switch to Flipbooks Online?

Lots of 3D Issue’s customers are doing just that because:

  • Flipbooks Online offers them the freedom to log on from any computer whether at home, in the office or on the go
  • Collaborating with their colleagues is super-easy thanks to our Team Management system
  • Being able to upload to 3D Issue’s cloud speeds up their publication creation process
  • Every update and new feature added to the platform are available immediately, whenever they log on

What’s New With Version 12?

With Flipbooks Online Version 12, clients have 2 self-host options:

  1. They can upload a PDF and have a digital edition created in a tenth of the time. The publication can then be moved to the client’s own hosting. 
  2. Alternatively, by using web-hooks, an automatic publishing process can be set-up. This is where 3D Issue’s system publishes directly onto the client’s site as soon as the content has finished uploading.

Choose Your Plan

Professional Plan
Our entry plan allows you to create up to 100 publications a year with all design and interactive features. With one user licence it’s the perfect way to get started creating Flipbooks today.

Enterprise Plan
Perfect for teams to collaborate and create Flipbooks together, this plan has five user licenses included. This licence can be shared across teams and even departments and can be used to create up to 250 publications a year.

Partner Plan
With our white label plan, you have 30 user licences and the scope to create thousands of Flipbooks. These licences can be shared among different departments, offices or even locations and managed by administrators thanks to our team management system.

If you’d like to chat through your options give Ronan, our Flipbooks pro, a shout.