4 Email Newsletter Tips that Will Keep Your Audience Engaged

engaging newslettersA subscribers list is one of the most valuable assets a marketer has. Subscribers are people who already trust you and recognize the value you provide so the probabilities of they converting from users into buyers is pretty high.

However, creating engaging newsletters is not easy. Even if your subscribers have opted in and decided they want to receive your weekly or monthly emails, you have to make sure the information inside them it’s interesting and of high-quality, or they will unsubscribe.

Today I’m going to give you 4 Email Newsletter Tips that will help you maximize your ROI from your list of subscribers.

#1 Get Educational

Think of a way to educate your audience on common topics in your niche. There’s nothing better than a newsletter that brings you new information and that shows you how you can improve at your job.

As you get better at this you’ll become an opinion leader in your industry. But don’t forget to keep growing with your audience. Do some research, learn about new techniques and strategies and share your knowledge. Let your subscribers serve as a source of inspiration by interacting with them and learning what it is that worries them.

#2 Create Creative Titles

Use creative titles. Believe me, from experience a good title can make a big difference.

People’s attention span is really short, shorter than it has ever been. When your readers open their newsletter you have just a few seconds to get them interested. Usually people open the email and scan it. If they don’t find anything that stands out, they’ll delete it and move on.

Having catchy well-descriptive titles will increase your click-through-rate. Note however that I said “well-descriptive”. Having catchy blog titles that have nothing to do with the actual content of the blog will work the first time maybe even a second, but after that you will lose their trust. The same applies to the newsletter subject.

#3 Include Expert Opinion

Including opinions from established thought leaders and experts in your niche will improve your brand’s image in the eyes of your subscribers.

Collaborating with other people when creating your newsletter will not only increase the trust in your brand, it will also positively affect your online brand recognition because those collaborators will more than likely share your newsletter with their audiences as well.

#4 Promote Exclusive Deals

After a while, if you don’t keep a high standard of content people tend to forget about the reason why they subscribed to your newsletter. Maybe it was part of a promotion, as a way to keep them informed about the latest offers and promotions.

If you used that kind of CTA, keep sending some kind of exclusive offers from time to time so the subscribers don’t go dormant. Keep them interested, they should always be able to feel there’s an incentive to their subscription.

Having an automated and highly functional content publishing platform can help you create a dynamic newsletter that will always show the latest content to your subscribers without requiring extra time from your marketing team.

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