4 Tips to Help Promote your School

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The top schools today have strong fundamentals and are adaptable to the needs of students. They are heavily involved in promoting engagement with parents and families in their students’ education. They embrace technology and encourage their students to progress within this new digital era.

Today, traditional methods of obtaining new students are simply outdated. Printed newspaper adverts, direct mails etc ...

5 Marketing Tips for Creating Engaging Newsletters

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engaging newslettersA subscribers list is one of the most valuable assets a marketer has. Subscribers are people who already trust you and recognize the value you provide so the probabilities of they converting from users into buyers is pretty high.

However, creating engaging newsletters is not easy. Even if your subscribers have opted in and decided they want to receive ...

How to Make Brochures You Can Share Online Effectively

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How-to-make-brochuresIf you have products and services to showcase then making a brochure that can make your business flourish should be high on your marketing list.

The age old product catalog or brochure is still a proven firm favorite in the generation of sales.

Nowadays, however the brochure is reaching more people in varied ways through technology. The mobile device, for example, is ...

How to Use a Page Flip Newsletter Effectively for Marketing

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page-flip-newsletterSending your news to your organization or customer base can now be achieved through an online page flip newsletter. These correspondences can be weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on. They also can be one offs, to showcase events or special offers.

Please see an example below of a full color, visual feast of a newsletter to market an upcoming event; ...

Convert PDF to HTML5 iPad Magazine in 5 Easy Steps

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ipad PDFConverting your PDFs into HTML5 in order to create iPad magazines can be a simple and worthwhile experience following the right procedures. This blog post provides you with a step by step procedure on how to create iPad magazines from the very beginning:

1. Make decisions based on your objectives:

Decide on what devices are ...

Digital Catalog Templates to Inspire You

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Digital Catalog Templates E-Catalogs have gained popularity in tandem with the far reaching influence of the internet and the soaring popularity of smartphones, tablets other connected devices.

An e-catalog can increase sales, reduce costs, and deliver the right products and services to the right users and clients. As consumers increasingly gravitate towards the online environment it is ...

Digital Distribution Channels for your Marketing Content

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digital marketing channels

Content is king. How many times have we heard that? While this is true, great content is only as good as the methods that are utilized to deliver it. Think of it this way, you might have the best content in the world but without the proper means to deliver that content to the consumer, then ...

How to Increase your Online Magazine’s Subscriptions

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small_10There aren’t too many publications that aren’t utilizing the inherent power of the internet by the establishment and maintenance of an online presence, if there is they really should start to incorporate this into their business plan because let’s face it, the future of publishing is closely intertwined with being online. Sure there will always be printed literature in one ...