3 Steps to Choosing the Right Digital Publishing Formats

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3-steps-to-choose-the-rigWhen choosing a digital publishing format that best suits your needs, there are three key steps to consider first. Remember, there are a number of formats available today and each offers something unique. There’s not a single digital document format for magazines, books and other publications.

Your team must invest time into researching the various publishing options and preparing the material ...

5 Marketing Tips for Creating Engaging Newsletters

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engaging newslettersA subscribers list is one of the most valuable assets a marketer has. Subscribers are people who already trust you and recognize the value you provide so the probabilities of they converting from users into buyers is pretty high.

However, creating engaging newsletters is not easy. Even if your subscribers have opted in and decided they want to receive ...

Top Current Digital Magazine Publishing Trends

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Digital-Magazine-Publishing-TrendsMagazines are now widely available through online means in response to digital trends.

Having your magazine emailed to you through a link is undoubtedly handy. Or how about through an app? So you can read online or offline through iOS and Android apps. Publishers are increasingly embracing the magazine app. Your readers can simply download the app to their mobile ...