10 Ways Digital Publications Can Help You Generate Revenue

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Female using her digital devices to increase revenue through content marketing

Can I help my business generate more revenue through the use of digital Publications?

The answer is yes but it depends on the publishing software you choose.

 The majority of us need to find a way to ...

4 Tips to Help Promote your School

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The top schools today have strong fundamentals and are adaptable to the needs of students. They are heavily involved in promoting engagement with parents and families in their students’ education. They embrace technology and encourage their students to progress within this new digital era.

Today, traditional methods of obtaining new students are simply outdated. Printed newspaper adverts, direct mails etc ...

Publishing Mistakes you Want to Avoid

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mistakes in publishingOver time, the way in which we market and advertise has changed substantially. We are firmly within a digital age and the online publishing industry has overtaken print. Publishers are having to change from traditional methods to new online platforms full of modern technologies that can greatly improve your business. However, many publishers tend to make ...

The Importance of Digital Magazine Advertising

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Digital vs PrintIn recent years, we’ve seen a shift in advertising budgets from traditional methods to digital. While print remains static, digital is dynamic and engaging. Digital magazines offer a completely different experience for the reader with links, videos, interactivity, animations and more. For publishers it’s a potential goldmine, not only charging for showing an ad but also ...

How to Make your PDF Look and Feel Professional

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professional looking pdfPDF’s

PDFs were developed in 1992 and today it is a format trusted by businesses around the world. The PDF is widely renowned as a great format however one must agree, it remains quite limited in comparison to online formats. There is some level of hassle involved such as having to download a large PDF file. Content ...

HTML5: The Benefits for Sales and Marketing

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HTML5 is the fifth and latest version of Hypertext Markup Language which is the language that plays a key role in defining the appearance of a webpage. It was designed to resolve the problems that troubled the html web language, with HTML4 often slated for its poor functionality and compatibility issues. HTML5 is specifically designed for web and all major ...

5 Marketing Tips for Creating Engaging Newsletters

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engaging newslettersA subscribers list is one of the most valuable assets a marketer has. Subscribers are people who already trust you and recognize the value you provide so the probabilities of they converting from users into buyers is pretty high.

However, creating engaging newsletters is not easy. Even if your subscribers have opted in and decided they want to receive ...

Creating a Digital Magazine for the First Time?

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Creating-a-Digital-Magazine‘Creating a Digital Magazine for the First Time?’ this term produces 253,000,000 results, for a newbie this can be overwhelming. Knowing where to begin is daunting enough never mind being faced with thousands of possible solutions and information, fishing through search can be tedious as not all the information you may come across will be relevant. Today our aim is ...

New Trends in Publishing Industry Sectors

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trends-in-publishing-industryThe world of publishing has changed. Staying abreast of these new trends is fundamental for publishers who want to respond favorably to their industries’ habits and absorption of content.

Being a publisher now means you have a responsibility to your readers to deliver literature in a way that will be convenient for them to take in. As we know many print ...

5 Innovative Tips for Digital Brochure Design

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digital-brochure-designGraphic design principles are aspiring to a whole new level of digital capabilities. This makes it essential for designers to learn about the digital side of their projects, they now have to give this aspect special respect in relation to e-brochures. Designers must endeavor to educate themselves on all the features their designs can have when used across these ...

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