PDF to HTML5 Creating Digital Magazines in Minutes

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pdf-to-html5-creating-digital-magazines-in-minutesCreating your first digital magazine could seem like an overwhelming task, when in fact it really doesn’t need to be and can take just a few minutes…yes really.

In today’s blog we have pooled together some great resources to get you started in creating your first HTML5 publication from your existing PDFs, which you can share and distribute to your readers.

What ...

Top Creations of Catalog Maker Software

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catalog-makerInstall a digital catalog maker software and market to mobile, tablet, PC, Mac, laptop and eReader audiences. You can simply purchase a license and start creating endless editions of catalogs with your software at the time and convenience that suits you.

All you need is a PDF of your catalog to get started, import it into the digital catalog software ...

How to Create Interactive Catalogs with HTML5 Capabilities

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Interactive-CatalogsAn interactive catalog can embody features that will resonate with an audience on many levels on all devices. It’s an excellent marketing tool, right? Yes, so then lets not delay any longer as holiday season and Christmas are approaching and our Autumn shoppers need to be able to access your products via online means.
Did you know that electronic ...

Create a Flipbook with Music and Audio Options to Engage your Audience

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Create a Flipbook Our senses come alive to a tune we recognize or an appropriate narration over a publication. In today’s blog we will outline a few simple steps to achieving a sensory interactive experience for your audience as they access your digital edition. When creating your flipbook it’s worth preparing some audio files for specific places ...

Convert PDF to HTML5 eBook in minutes

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Convert PDF to HTML5 eBook The PDF has long been a staple of the printing industry, chances are, whether you were aware of it or not, PDF’s were used in the printing of any promotional material you have used within your business. Newspapers and magazines are printed using them; pretty much all printed material has ...

8 Ways to Enhance your Corporate Identity

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corporate identity

Your corporate identity is a vital aspect in terms of building your business into a prosperous, successful venture. Communicating your core values in a clear, consistent manner is crucial to your aspirations. your corporate identity is how the consumer sees you, it is your reputation and your voice, and it is also the basis of our blog today ...

5 Inspiring Digital Prospectus Designs

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The traditional prospectus is almost unrecognisable, no longer available only in print, reaching a much wider audience than ever before. It should continue to serve the same core purpose and provide your audience with a picture of your college and its courses, facilities and people, conveying the true value of the education available there.

3D Issue software has helped hundreds of educational customers all over the world to deliver their prospectus in a unique way, reaching audiences through their own preferred ...

E-readers, Are they Green?

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tablet publishingWith the varied number of E-Reader devices like the Amazon Kindle, et al. coming to market in more and more numbers it now becoming difficult to understand which reading option is actually more environmentally friendly than the typical paper and cardboard book.

By the end of 2011, Amazon announced it was selling one ...

The World’s First True HTML5 Digital Publishing Tool Is Here!

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eBooks for iPad,desktop, tablet, iPhone, eReader3D Issue has officially launched 3D Issue version 5.

Launched today, Version 5 introduces many new features that add significant value to both creators and end readers alike. 3D Issue version 5 also incorporates easy eBook conversion for Kindle, Nook and other eReaders, as well as the software ...

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