Always ensure brand integrity with EXPERIOS Styles

The value of centralized styling with Experios StylesThe much anticipated Experios Styles function is now live on Experios, the responsive design, content experience platform from 3D Issue.  Styles is a Centralized Styling tool that auto-updates all your digital content within Experios to your own brand’s style and identity. This is exciting news for all content creators, marketers and designers in the responsive design space.

Experios’ unique drag and drop editor offers lots of elements and hundreds of varieties of blocks and pre-made templates, which makes designing publications easier and more efficient than ever. And now Experios Styles will take care of the heavy lifting of ensuring your content always meets your brands style requirements. Simply input your branding one time, and each time you create a new template, or add new blocks or elements to your content, it will automatically update and apply your in-house branding style, producing on-brand responsive content has truly never been easier. Watch this short video to learn more.


What’s included in styles? 

Every brand, product or service has their own style. They have different fonts, colors, logos, characters and tone that makes the brand unique, and Experios allows you to truly represent all of this in your responsive publications. 

With Styles, you can make various changes to the page color, font size, colors and title, and also build a style for elements like buttons, rectangles and lines to truly capture your brand personality and character in each publication. You can add your own designs to all of the following structures in Experios:In Styles, there are also five headings that can be adjusted and set as styles for easy integration while inputting your content, you can change the size, color and background of the headers which makes text hierarchy in your content really easy and this gives you six styles of text, including the body.

Once you have created the initial style for your brand under My Styles, it is simple and easy to then build and publish content frequently. Choose from the hundreds of blocks and elements Experios offers,  add to your publication and they all will automatically update to your brand’s style. This means you never need to worry about adjusting fonts or colors, and it ensures all content added will be up to your brands standards. 

When building from a pre-designed template, the content will automatically be added in your brand’s styles.  This is a game changer in terms of efficiency. It means all team members can focus on their individual tasks without having to run content past a brand manager or spend the extra time applying the brand styles, it will be an instant update automatically applied. 

The Experios platform’s functions and features were designed to ease the process of designing pages and make digital publishing easier than ever, and now with the launch of the Styles, you are able to reduce the cost of digital publishing to less than 2% of what it typically costs, and build content 50 times faster! 

To learn more about Styles and how Experios can save you time and resources, chat with one of our team members or start a free trial today.