Customer Success Stories with 3D Issue: ‘QTALK’ and their Experience Expanding their Products by Going Digital

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Company using digital publications for greater business opportunities

What is QTalk?

QTalk is a language learning method based on a series of icons which can be used to interpret full sentences that may be complex to understand in another language. It contains visual cues that allows students to speak which helps to undergo active participation ...

4 Tips to Help Promote your School

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The top schools today have strong fundamentals and are adaptable to the needs of students. They are heavily involved in promoting engagement with parents and families in their students’ education. They embrace technology and encourage their students to progress within this new digital era.

Today, traditional methods of obtaining new students are simply outdated. Printed newspaper adverts, direct mails etc ...

Build a Strong Alumni Engagement Strategy

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alumni engagementAn essential measure of the strength of a school is its Alumni. Schools with healthy Alumni involvement and support add immeasurable benefits to an institution, from admissions and development to networking and prestige.

Assuming that your institution already produces an amazing student experience, you still need an Alumni Relations program to keep those students attached to their alma mater. ...