Schools and COVID-19

How 3D Issue can help schools during coronavirus

Coronavirus has had a disruptive impact on every organization. We want to do our bit to help schools get back on track. 

We’d be delighted to provide any school with a copy of our desktop software, free of charge, for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. 

A member of the teaching team can then install the software to create digital copies of pupils’ assignments – in an interactive flipbook format – for posting online. Many schools already use our software to digitally publish learning resources and coursework for sharing with students. 

Digital flipbooks are no replacement for physical books. But, during these uniquely challenging times, they can offer kids something closer to the engaging and interactive learning experience they receive from teachers in a classroom setting. Elements like audio and video can even be added, to hold pupils’ attention.

Reach out to us today – at – and let us know how we can help. 

Please help us share this message 

Do you have colleagues in other schools who might benefit from using our software? 

Perhaps you know of an educational publisher who would like to make digital copies of their books available at a time when children are unable to access printed copies?

Do feel free to share this message with your network.