Make your move from static to responsive design seamless

As users move exponentially to mobile devices, publishers need to make all their publications seamless on all devices.  As we know well in 3D Issue, organizations are demanding platforms that create responsive pages.  Static publications will always have a place as some organizations want a digital replica of print publications, but the flipbook technology was built with the desktop in mind, and when viewed on different screens the experience can be considerably less than amazing. Users are now demanding a seamless experience whatever the device. PDFs are no longer going to make the grade with your mobile audience if you want to cultivate and grow your readership. Responsive publications are the way now to design digital content.

Content creators not only want their audience to access their content, but they also want to offer them a content experience and engage with them. Responsive design delivers a whole new experience to your audience.

However, for many designers, the move from static design to responsive design can seem quite daunting when you do not have unlimited time and resources.  With  different devices,  resolutions and browsers, designing responsive publications can seem overwhelming, but there are several platforms on the market to aid the transition from static to responsive and which makes the juggling of the different elements in a responsive design easy.

Experios, from 3D Issue, is one such platform, it builds responsive pages using pre-designed templates, blocks, layouts and images, where you can add media and interactivity and embed forms or if you prefer you can design your templates from scratch. As you build the template, it automatically reshapes for different devices, ensuring an optimal experience on all devices.

Experios allows designers to use their full creativity to design pages where the content creator can input their content and publish it anywhere.

Experios allows designers not only to design, but to bring that publication to life and surprise their audience.

Experios empowers the designer to create publications beyond what they believed they could do. It is intuitive and easy to use, making the learning curve between static and responsive design as efficiently as possible.  

The move from static to responsive design can feel like a massive leap but as most of your audience is accessing your content via different devices, mobile-first must be at the fore of how you design your publications, and there are several platforms to help you design publications, like Experios that will take the breath away from them with your publications.

About Experios

Experios is a content experience platform that allows you to easily create responsive publications that will amaze your audience.

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