The importance of brand consistency in digital storytelling

When it comes to content creation, an inconsistent brand personality – whether the inconsistency lies in the imagery and colour schemes used or the messaging and tone of voice – is an absolute no-no. In fact, author Anthony Gaenzle, writing for the Content Marketing Institute, includes it in his list:
Four Pitfalls That Can Kill Your Content Marketing

“Failing to connect the dots to bring brand recognition to your content viewers – no matter the channel – can have a lasting negative impact.”

And yet with team-members across diverse functions being responsible for creating their own pieces of content – and frequently working remotely, physically disconnected from other functions – ensuring the consistency of brand identity can prove challenging. Tools like Experios – that help anybody tasked with any sort of comms to quickly create visually striking content – have been designed to help work-streams flow better, to ease collaboration – and to improve consistency!

For brand personality to be a consistent and recognisable seam, running through all content produced, style guides – that inform all branded elements including fonts, logos, and colour palettes – are a must. Customised templates, that have been created in adherence to these style guides, can then help scale content production and ensure everything published is on-brand. Using Experios, the elements of any publication – fonts, blocks, and pages, for example – can be saved, making it both quicker for the creator to access them again and simpler for those elements to be shared with colleagues.

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