Presenting Proposals Remotely – What Are The Best Digital Storytelling Platforms?

Need to present proposals remotely? Want to improve productivity and reduce or even eliminate printing costs? Read on…

Industry-leading insurance enterprises – across markets including education, healthcare, and the public sector – are long-standing customers of ours. We understand their need for compliance, quality, and cost-effectiveness while delivering communications that exceed customer expectations. Our product developers are continuously tailoring our digital publishing platforms so that strategic comms packages – for admin services, insurance and financial solutions, employee benefits and more – can be created quickly and delivered in an innovative way. We understand that all great workplaces have stories to share and we know that flipbooks are an excellent tool for digital storytelling. 

Flipbooks’ Features and Benefits

  • Each publication has a unique hyperlink to the third-party, 3D Issue website and can be password-protected
  • Flipbooks can be viewed on mobile devices via smartphone browsers
  • Publications can be printed on-demand and, via Google, translated into other languages
  • Hyperlinks from the PDF used to create each flipbook are auto-uploaded and links to videos and other websites can be added, too
  • A “tap to call” feature can be enabled allowing those viewing via smartphone to direct-dial
  • When making simple edits – updated IRS limits, for example – the uploaded document makes the updates immediately, no need to email updated documents or links

   3 Key Takeaways on Flipbooks

  1. Deliver professional-looking publications – packed with engaging, multimedia features – remotely
  2. Reduce or even eliminate print and distribution costs (with an added eco-benefit, too)
  3. Improve productivity, no design or coding input is needed to quickly create visually striking content

Getting started with 3D Issue’s software is simple

We can offer you: 

  • a fact-packed webinar to discover more 
  • a sample made with your own content  
  • a free trial for you to get hands-on with the platform