Digital Distribution Channels for your Marketing Content

digital marketing channels

Content is king. How many times have we heard that? While this is true, great content is only as good as the methods that are utilized to deliver it. Think of it this way, you might have the best content in the world but without the proper means to deliver that content to the consumer, then you ruin the very real risk of losing out to competitors and other businesses who have adapted their approach to suit the digitally driven world we inhabit. You simply must have a variety of digital distribution channels available to you and working for you at all times.


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In today’s blog we are going to take a look at some of the different distribution channels you can utilize and the benefits of each, we hope you enjoy it.

Mobile marketing – there is no getting around it, the world at large has gone mobile, in order for your marketing content to reach its potential, your content simply has to be mobile centric. This year for the first time ever mobile access to the web overtook desktop PC’s and this shift in power is widely expected to continue. There are currently over 6 billion cellphones worldwide and of this 6 billion, one billion are smartphones, this is a channel which demands inclusion.

Mobile Video content – the continuing expansion of 4G networks and the devices at our disposal becoming more advanced by the day, this is a channel which big things are expected of in the year ahead.

Publish Dynamic content – you want your content to be available to consumers on whatever device they choose to view it on, dynamic content will ensure your content reaches the consumer anywhere at any time. If the majority of web access is being carried out through mobile devices, can you really afford not to?

Email newsletters – contrary to some reports, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your target audience. Email newsletters can be advantageous in attracting and engaging your target audience.

Blogs – the consumer is always looking for high quality relevant content, period. If you are supplying consistently good quality content then before long you will gain followers of like-minded individuals. Blogging is also a great tool for engagement as readers can leave comments on your blog which is a portal to striking up a conversation with them.

Social media – There are very few consumers who are not involved in some method of social media such is its influence in our world today. These channels enjoy gargantuan numbers using their services daily, you should aim to establish and maintain a presence on these channels. One thing to keep in mind is not to stretch yourself too thin, monitor what is working and concentrate your efforts in these areas.

Native/HTML 5 apps – Native apps offer the consumer the best functionality in terms of performance, usage of device features, complexity, and customization HTML 5 apps have the ability to be ‘responsive’, they can target different devices through their ability to resize to whatever the screen size of the device the consumer happens to be using at that time, this is absolutely crucial when you consider how many options this could entail.

Watch a video on how to turn your HTML5 magazines into iPad apps with 3D Issue here.


Youtube – As previously mentioned, video is already a huge market and this trend looks set to continue in the mobile domain due to the increasing capabilities of devices and networks. Youtube enjoys an estimated 1 billion unique users each month; the figures speak for themselves, this is a channel which you can ill afford not to be a part of.

E-catalogs with video – A well designed, easily navigated e-catalog can be a fantastic asset for your company. We have seen many platforms adopt this approach, Pinterest, Wanelo, and Flipboad to name but a few.

Are you interested in utilizing the above channels to distribute your content?

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