Engaging with clients remotely during open enrollment  


This year, annual enrollment brings with it some fresh challenges for insurance agencies and brokers. Challenges that could not have been anticipated during last year’s open season.  

Uncertain times and altered personal circumstances mean employees are perhaps more likely than ever to want to adjust their fringe benefit options, particularly around things like health insurance.

Then, of course, there is the added complication of needing to deliver presentations and proposals remotely.  

Great news, though. 

3D Issue’s digital flipbooks platform is the perfect solution to these challenges. 

Turn static PDFs into digital page-turners with Flipbooks 

Leading insurance agencies and brokers – keen to both initiate and maintain strong relationships with a far flung client base – trust our Flipbooks platform to share valuable information about products and services. 

That’s because Flipbooks Online is a publishing tool that creates professional-looking, interactive publications that can be accessed using a unique URL. The URL can be updated in real-time, too, so there’s no need to resend an edited document if you discover a mistake or something is updated. 

Flipbooks are a great way to deliver both internal and external publications: from employee handbooks and benefit guides to sales proposals and marketing brochures.  

Being able to present to clients remotely, using digital proposals, insurance companies have noticed a significant boost to productivity. Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, too. Even clients who traditionally preferred printed copies have been swayed. There are significant environmental benefits – and cost savings – on printing and postage, too.  

A corporate account with 3D Issue is a great option for large companies.  Having a number of users across different departments can prove tricky – and there’s the additional challenge of managing teams who are now working remotely. We can tailor our software to give you a standardized process for delivering content to clients across the state, country, or even the globe. 

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