Digital publishing trends 2021

What’s new in digital publishing?

Audiences now expect the richest possible content experiences whether they’re viewing on desktop, tablet or mobile. There’s growing interest, from content specialists, in learning how to create responsive publications that auto-reshape to suit the reader’s device. Exciting developments in digital publishing – like responsive design platforms – give creatives a new way to share digital stories.

How to make content responsive

Historically, responsive content design would have been a team effort. Creatives would develop a content idea. Designers would work on the content’s look and feel. And developers would get busy building a front-end for the content, for each device. Intuitive digital publishing tools – like Experios, new from 3D Issue – have changed that. With very little technical skill, engaging digital content can be created. From professional-looking micro-sites that enrich the user experience to white-papers that boost engagement by delivering thought-leadership.

Early adopters of responsive design platforms have reported:

  1. Savings on content production costs
  2. Readers lingering for longer
  3. And improved click-through rates from links

How do the new content creation platforms work?

With pre-built page components, templates, and layouts, the platforms offer endless scope for the creation of engaging digital publications, without the need for coding. Anyone familiar with online website builders – such as SquareSpace or WordPress – will find onboarding quick and easy.

The platforms automatically package content – from presentations to newsletters, from newspapers to company reports, and from brochures to catalogues – into online experiences for readers to navigate effortlessly and enjoy.

Digital publishing for marketing

Facing challenging business objectives – especially around content creation – but with limited time to onboard tech, today’s marketers are under pressure. Digital publishing platforms, like Experios, are designed to meet the needs of content creators who are looking for a speedy and cost-effective way to get professional-looking content online. With its simple-to-use editor, pre-built layouts and components can be dragged and dropped to build responsive content experiences that work across all devices.

Digital publishing for designers

Using digital publishing tools like Experios, creating a content experience platform, tailored to a brand, is simple. Designers can build libraries of “master-style”, publication designs for colleagues to access and edit. Perfect for organisations who – for consistency, recognisability, and awareness – adhere to a brand style guide. Certain design templates can be hidden so that when content creators log in, they only see publication templates that have been designed specifically for them.

Digital publishing for web developers

Interactive content platforms are a great way for web developers to provide colleagues with the pages they need for projects without putting pressure on internal web development resources. By setting-up a library of templates – to create project-specific resources for colleagues tasked with content creation – developers can ensure all pages created conform to business requirements.

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About Experios

Experios is 3D Issue’s all new Content Creation Platform that produces stunning responsive digital publications in a magazine type format. Build and design your publications from scratch with our unique drag and drop editor, publish anywhere even on your own domain, and track your performance with a full tracking and analytics package that can link to your Google Analytics so you can always measure the success of your digital content. You can get started with Experios for free today, schedule a demo or start your free trial.