What are the apps your business couldn’t run without?

Since 3D Issue’s 2007 launch, we’ve worked hard to maintain our strong brand positioning by continuously innovating our software and offering exceptional customer service. We were the first digital publishing provider to introduce an html5 solution, for example, and the first to abolish Flash. 

Our loyal customer base – many of whom were early adopters of flipbooks technology and are now 3D Issue subscribers – trust us to service their long-term needs in the ever-changing landscape of digital content creation. 

But which tech services do we trust? 

Amazon Web Services 

For 3D Issue’s Flipbooks to be available as web links, they need to be hosted online. Our cloud hosting is built on Amazon’s S3 Web Servers. Reliability is extremely high – designed for 99.99% data durability – and every item uploaded is stored in different geographical locations to protect from data loss, too. Independent backups – taken nightly and cycled every 14 days – are secured on Amazon S3 to protect them from unauthorized access and potential data loss.


Good CRM is essential for managing the sales pipeline. We love Hubspot’s easy-to-navigate dashboard. It gives us a real-time view of our sales funnel with an overview of everything from appointments scheduled and actions required to deals won.  

G Suite 

With a rural location since day 1, we’re well geared-up for remote working. Being office-based is optional. Our team can work on common platforms from wherever they want. And with clear KPIs in place, any issues can be rapidly identified and resolved.  But all teams – not just virtual ones – should use a cloud-based office solution and the G Suite from Google ticks many of our business’s boxes. We collaborate on projects using Google Docs and the Chat and Meeting tools on Gmail are super-simple ways for us all to keep in touch.