Customer Success Stories with 3D Issue: ‘QTALK’ and their Experience Expanding their Products by Going Digital

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Company using digital publications for greater business opportunities

What is QTalk?

QTalk is a language learning method based on a series of icons which can be used to interpret full sentences that may be complex to understand in another language. It contains visual cues that allows students to speak which helps to undergo active participation ...

10 Ways Digital Publications Can Help You Generate Revenue

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Female using her digital devices to increase revenue through content marketing

Can I help my business generate more revenue through the use of digital Publications?

The answer is yes but it depends on the publishing software you choose.

 The majority of us need to find a way to ...

Introducing Flipbooks Online

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Editor area in Flipbooks Online from 3D IssueHow would you feel if you could access your Flipbooks software from anywhere and convert and publish your digital magazines in a tenth of the time that it takes with your desktop software?

Flipbooks Online is a brand new service for 3D Issue that allows companies and ...

Online Magazine Design Best Practices

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eye-design-wordsIt is important to decide how you will present your content, who will it target and how. When designing your magazine there is no simple checklist that can define good design, but there are some essentials that tend to show up consistently.


It’s essential to plan the design of your magazine well in advance. You must have a clear idea of ...

HTML5: The Benefits for Sales and Marketing

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HTML5 is the fifth and latest version of Hypertext Markup Language which is the language that plays a key role in defining the appearance of a webpage. It was designed to resolve the problems that troubled the html web language, with HTML4 often slated for its poor functionality and compatibility issues. HTML5 is specifically designed for web and all major ...

3 Top Tips to get more Digital Magazine Subscriptions

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increase digital magazine subscriptions1. Statistics

When looking at increasing your digital magazine subscriptions, take a look at your existing subscribers. How did they find you initially?

There are a few different things that you can do to find this out.

Your web stats on sites such as Google analytics show the keywords or keyphrases users searched for ...

Time to Look for an Alternative to Flash in Digital Publishing

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alternative to flashRight now you might be wondering: “Why do I need to find an alternative to flash?” Well, this is the situation…

Flash’s lifespan has nearly come to an end. Flash has been the basis of numerous websites such as Youtube,Facebook or Amazon, just to name a few.

However, over the last year it has emerged that there ...

The Advantages of Html5 for Digital Publishing

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advantages of html5HTML5 is the latest version of the hypertext markup language used to build websites.

It is used for structuring and showing your content on the web.

There are many reasons as to why people are converting from Adobe flash to HTML5, the most important one is the recurring problem of hacking and malware.

After the most recent ...

Create an Interactive Digital Magazine with Rich Media

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Create interactive digital magazineAlthough rich media isn’t the only thing that makes your digital magazine stand out, it’s certainly a big part of the equation.

Creating this type of content as a part of your digital magazine may not be easy or simple, to help you get better results and make the process easier, here are a ...

Convert a PDF into a Digital Magazine

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convert pdf to digital magazineThe goal of a publishing software is to make the whole process as simple as possible and achieve full automation, making it easier for the user to publish digital versions of their publications on more regular basis.

Convert PDF to digital magazine step by step 3D Issue’s way

1. Create a PDF version of ...

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