Types of Advertising to consider in Magazine Ads & Newspaper Advertising

types-of-advertising-magazine-newspaperAs the likes of magazines and newsletters move into the digital era, it leaves advertisers in the dark. They constantly wonder how they too can move to the digital era, many questions arise concerning this. How will they advertise within an online magazine or newsletter? What type of advertisements will be effective for your magazine or newsletter? Today’s blog aims to analyze the latest trends in advertising and discuss how advertisers can migrate digitally.

With a huge number of people turning to the digital world, it is vital that businesses and companies keep on track. The majority of people now-a-days own a mobile phone or some type of tablet; with this in mind we now know that the easiest and quickest way to grab the public’s attention is through their mobile phone or tablet. Many companies advertise both online and in print, in order to gather a wider audience for their promotional mix. Online advertising recorded a 40% growth in 2014, this figure alone shows how digital advertising is on the increase, and this number is expected to grow to 42% this year.

There are a number of advantages involved when considering digital advertising. Online advertising can potentially reach more customers in more places than print advertising. Cost is another factor to look at when considering the move, with online advertising you can set spending limits on advertisements, meaning you can choose to spend as little or as much as you wish. Being able to choose your spending limit can help save you money, from this you can see where and how your money is being spent and how effective each campaign is. Print advertisements have been declining for a couple of years due to the high cost involved.

Now that we have an understanding of digital advertising and the benefits involved we will now discuss the types of advertising to consider in magazine ads and newspaper advertising. When using print advertising you rely solely on the likes of mailing, flyers, posters, magazine, newsletters and brochures etc., however with digital advertising your outlook is broadened and options are endless. Advertising digitally provides advertisers with a larger work base, not only can they include images and text within their advertisements they can now also incorporate YouTube videos, links to social media accounts, Flash advertisements and URL linking ability just to name a few.

When advertising online you can attract a larger audience, ads can be created for near enough anything online from social media to general browser searching, for example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr YouTube and Vine all have their own ad aspect incorporated. Other ways of advertising digitally include TV, Radio, Audio ads, viral ads, electronic billboards, Google ads, banners and mobile ads etc.


In regards to advertising via magazine ads and newspapers publishers are provided with much more opportunity and a larger area to advertise. Publishers are looking for new ways to use advertisements in magazines and newspapers. Creativity and knowledge on your target audience and the current market play a key part in choosing a type of advertisement that would be beneficial in your sector. Interested to know more about how to integrate advertisement in your digital editions? Check out our video tutorial section on integrating advertising into your digital editions.

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By Shauna Hamill