Refine your content offering with Experios Analytics Integration

In today’s digital world, everything is constantly tracked and analyzed, every website offers you Cookies options, your text messages can show you if it’s been read, your social posts show engagement levels, so tracking data is now the normal. And when it comes to content and publications, it is no longer appropriate just to track how many times your content has been read. It is necessary to now understand these intricate details about your reader and the performance of each piece of your content. This is how you measure success, optimize your content and maximize investment.

At Experios, we are aware of this trend, and value your need for data in your content too. So we have a thorough analytics integration available that offers you specific insights into your reader, their demographics, their behavior while viewing your content, and the performance of each individual piece of content you publish.

Experios Analytics integration offers a breakdown on how each page performs, and measures in real time. You can gain insight on:

  • Page views: how many individual visitors loaded your page
  • Time spent on page: the average time each visitor spends on your page
  • Page scrolls: measures how far your visitors scrolled from the top of your page
  • Links and buttons clicks: calculates total clicks for each button or link on your page
  • Video play back: how many times your video was played in total
  • Device type: the breakdown of devices that was used to view your pages
  • Viewer Region: shows the areas where your publications are being viewed from

Getting started:

Setting up Experios Analytics integration is easy! Simply open your project settings, and under the SEO/SEM tab you can add your Google Analytics ID and Google Tag Manager ID, which will link your project to your Google Analytics account. This means your project will now be tracked like a webpage in your Google Analytics account, giving you all the insights you need to measure success in real time and gather insight about your readers. 

Experios Analytics is easy to use and allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of your readers, measure the ROI from your publications, and gives you insights on how to optimize your content moving forward.  

Refine your content offering today with Experios Analytics Integration and visit our Experios product tour page to watch more videos on how to use Experios analytics and other elements of our platform. 

About Experios

Experios is 3D Issue’s all new Content Experience platform that produces stunning responsive digital publications in a magazine type format. Build and design your publications from scratch, publish anywhere and track your performance with a  full tracking and analytics package that can link to your Google Analytics so you can always measure the success of your digital content. You can get started with Experios for free today, schedule a demo or start your free trial.