E-Magazine Design Ideas

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magazine designseMagazine design has progressed swiftly in recent years. Contrary to what some people may think, eMagazines are not just a digital replica of printed versions. They offer a wide range of interactivity, a multitude of design options and above all a creative and engaging experience for readers. It’s so important that your readers feel comfortable when reading your ...

3 Easy Steps to Create an Online Magazine

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Nowadays creating a digital magazine can be a simple and enjoyable task! It does not take a technological genius to create a digital edition of your magazine that combines a range of interactive features. An online magazine enables you to distribute print magazine content to your audience in digital form and there are many advantages. Publishing your content online can ...

Digital Publishing Formats: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Before creating a publication it’s essential to research and understand the various output formats and tools available. There are many options out there and you should take time to consider which publishing format best fits your needs. Prior to creating a publication, there are many things to consider such as what platform your publication will be viewed on, what will ...

Why it is Important to Track Magazine Analytics

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tracking magazine analyticsAlthough you may think that money is what rules the world, the truth is that is the data what makes the world go round. After all, data is a huge part of the whole money making process.

Take a look at the big short “The Big Short”. In the film you can see how Michael Burry, ...

5 Ways to increase Digital Magazine Subscriptions

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digital magazine subscriptionsEvery marketing team that produces a digital edition is always looking to get new subscribers. It’s one thing creating and building an amazing digital edition, but it’s another set of activities driving, reaching and signing up new readers. Here are some easy ways of increasing digital magazine subscriptions.

New and interesting content encouraging shares
People love ...

How to Analyze your Digital Magazine Reader Statistics

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how-to-analyze-your-digital-magazine-reader-statisticsOnce your digital magazine is online and published it’s vital that you look into the stats and track how successful the edition is. How is the publication performing? Is it attracting the right person/your target audience? Without tracking and analyzing the performance it will be difficult for you to make the necessary adjustments to future editions to improve performance and ...

eBook Market Share

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eBook-Market-ShareWe are in April 2015 and the talk among journalists is that the death of the eBook looms large. Pick up a paper, catch a fleeting publishing news report and it suggests impending doom and gloom. I searched for figures on these decreases and found it almost impossible to get hard, cold facts on the matter. This leads me to ...

Flipbooks in HTML5 are Cutting Edge and Surprisingly Easy to Create

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Flipbooks-in-HTML5Flipbooks in HTML5 are stunning. Impress your audience today by simply creating your own.

HTML5 animation used imaginatively throughout a flipbook can enhance a publication significantly. It can heighten engagement, improve time spent on pages, add to design features and increase the overall look and feel of the message being portrayed.

At 3D Issue we strive to ensure our software ...

Convert PDF to HTML5 iPad Magazine in 5 Easy Steps

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ipad PDFConverting your PDFs into HTML5 in order to create iPad magazines can be a simple and worthwhile experience following the right procedures. This blog post provides you with a step by step procedure on how to create iPad magazines from the very beginning:

1. Make decisions based on your objectives:

Decide on what devices are ...

PDF to iBooks: part 1 of How to publish your content to iBooks

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pdf to ibooks The publishing world is all a buzz with the rise in eBooks. Apple’s latest major update to its iBooks application gives it a cleaner and simpler look in line with the company’s design for the iOS 7 platform.

There has been much hype around these updates as it recognizes the move towards digital reading and ...

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