New features, from Experios, to enhance your online storytelling

Need to create visually striking content, quickly?

Our product team has been flat-out adding brand-new features to the Experios digital storytelling platform. You can check out the key updates on this video. And we’ve bundled below our five fave benefits. 

  1. Simplified layout creation with custom blocks
    We’ve replaced the grid component with a feature that allows you to add rows to columns and vice versa. This makes it speedy and super-simple to design customised layouts. 
  2. Enhanced file accessibility and collaboration
    You can now save any block or page, making it both quicker for you to access them and simpler for you to share them with colleagues. And, with accessibility and collaboration in mind, we’ve made improvements to the media library, too. 
  3. Font customization
    Consistent brand identity matters to many of our customers, so we’ve improved our font uploader function. Multiple fonts can now be uploaded simultaneously and saved for future projects. You can control how fonts scale on mobile, too.
  4. Simpler navigation
    For a smoother user experience, we’ve simplified page navigation within both the editor and the published digital content. 
  5. Enhanced analytics
    There’s now direct integration with the latest iteration of Google Analytics (GA4) and support for enhanced measurement. 

Experios is an intuitive platform that simplifies the creation of beautiful, engaging digital content. It’s easy to use, but don’t forget that our support team is always on hand. Their hints and tips will help you get as much as possible from the Experios platform to create impactful and immersive multimedia experiences.