Made with Flipbooks: The Super Bowl LVII Official Game Program

Made with Flipbooks: Official Super Bowl LVII ProgramIt’s Superbowl Weekend! Are you Team Chiefs or Team Eagles? Whether you are an avid fan, or just enjoy the snacks and commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is arguably the biggest sporting event in the US each year.  And for many years now, the Super Bowl Official Game Program has been powered by 3D Issue Flipbooks, and this year is no different. 

The Super Bowl LVII Official Game Program is packed full of engaging content, featured stories, team breakdowns, discussions on the NFL in the community, Super Bowl records, the infamous advertisements and full details of the game, and 3D Issue’s Flipbooks is bringing that content to life! The program is alive with engaging and interactive features, from easy to turn pages, links to external sites, search features, click to zoom and so much more that readers will feel totally immersed in the Game Day celebrations and can live the experience from their own devices. 

Watch this quick video which showcases the Super Bowl Official Game Day Program:

Check out some of the Super Bowl LVII Official Game Program’s Flipbook features below:

  1. Immersive Digital Magazine Experience: Flipbooks allows readers to flip to turn pages, like a true game program, in digital format. Allowing for clicking to zoom, and easy navigation. 
  2. Links: Web links that let you open other webpages in either a popup within the program or as a new browser tab. Web links can be auto-detected with every version of 3D Issue.
  3. Reader Features: Flipbooks provides additional user facing features such as search, contents menu, thumbnail view, and much more. 
  4. Animations: Add elements using HTML5 animations, our software allows you to include interactive animations and respond to the users input with features like click to zoom. 

Whichever team you are routing for, and however you are watching the game, the official Super Bowl LVII Official Game Program will give everyone the same immersive experience. Take a look today!

And if you want to utilize our Flipbooks platform to enhance your own publications and truly engage with your audience, start your free Flipbooks trial today! Simply upload your PDF, customize it with interactive features and elements, and publish your Flipbook. It has never been easier to transform your digital content. 

May the best team win!