In the news: the next chapter in the 3D Issue story 

Happier staff. 

Reduced burnout. 

Better productivity. 

For a whole host of reasons, the 3D Issue team switched to a 4-day working-week a short while ago.  And because there’s a global conversation taking place around new ways of working, at the moment, we pitched our story to the press. 

We used a variety of approaches including LinkedIn pitches, responding to Help A Reporter Out (HARO) requests, and good, old-fashioned direct email to journalists. 

We were delighted by how many titles – online and offline – featured our story. 

You can check out some inspirational quotes from the articles below or follow the links to read more. 

“It’s about trying to create space to invest in something that’s important to you.” 

Kunal Gupta, Polar


“Covid makes you think differently; I probably wouldn’t have done this unless it was forced on us.”

David Cann, Target Publishing


“People are using this [period] as an opportunity of reflection. It is showing up in the desire to live differently.”

Gemma Dale, Liverpool John Moores University


“Some companies are discovering that going remote has also made another change possible. They’re moving to 4-day weeks, without losing productivity or hurting their sales.”

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, Author


“We will never go back to the commuting society we once were”.

Vanessa Tierney, Abodoo


“How staff view their work today is completely different to how they viewed it in January.”

Paul McNulty, 3D Issue