Have your publications been affected by the retirement of Flash?

Adobe Flash is being retired and will no longer be supported by web browsers. Operating systems and browsers have evolved, too, making earlier versions of HTML5 redundant. 

Since we launched our flipbooks software, there have been over 50 releases. It’s not possible for us to continue to update all versions to manage new operating system releases, browser updates or the retirement of external components such as Adobe Flash. Because of this, we have ended support for versions 7.4 and below. 

If you’re using a version of our software that’s more than three years old, you will be affected by this change. In fact, you may have already seen the banner pictured above.  

What does this mean for you? 

You will be able to continue using your software in its current form. We will always be available to assist you with downloading and accessing the software that you purchased. But we will no longer be providing support for older versions of the software. Nor will we be updating older versions to work with new operating system updates or browser updates. 

What should I do?

You will still be able to access and use the software. It will continue to operate as it does now. But we will not be future-proofing it for new operating systems or browser updates. To ensure that your digital editions are not hindered by technology changes, we recommend that you consider updating your software to the latest release. 

Benefits of upgrading  

With the latest version of our software, we have moved to a completely Flash-free environment. All publications are HTML5. By upgrading, you’ll leapfrog years of enhancements for your flipbook editions. And, as soon as we make any publication viewer enhancements and coding updates, all your magazines are instantly updated with the latest release of the software.  

There are two packages available.

Why not contact our support team today, to discover the right package for you?