Essential Features of E-Magazine Software?

When it comes to digital publishing there are a number of points which one should bear in emagazine ebook softwaremind in the implementation of their conversion software. At 3D issue we consider it crucial to always design with digital publishing in mind so that maximum impact is originated from each publication be it ebook or an on-line interactive catalogue.

The features in each publication however are only as strong as the software they are built with. 3D Issue Version 5 was the first conversion package available with a consistent and accurate HTML5 output. Aside from our HTML5 publication creation other features in the software make it the software package of choice.

The biggest key feature which one should look out for right now is useability across platforms, so the same link to a publicaiton is useable on any device. Some other featurs are outlined below.

• HTML5 output – HTML5 solutions provide readers with the same interactive experience as the flash version.

• Mobile, iPad, iPhone compatible – HTML5 resizes the publications automatically so readers can view on any device, think ‘liquid layouts’.

• E-Book output – The eReader output option allows you to create ‘e-Books’ for the growing eReader market which includes Kindle, Nook and iBooks.

• Presentation mode – In addition to the book layout select ‘presentation view’, allowing single pages to be viewed rather than the traditional double page layout.

• Saved searches – Let  your readers choose to save particular search terms

• YouTube embedded video – In addition to adding your video files in MP4 and FLV file format to your publication the ability to stream videos directly from YouTube to play inside your digital magazine saves time and server space.

• Toolbar layout options – Select from a number of placement choices for the user controls, navigation and features to fit best with your digital publications.

• Thumbnail view – Select to show a thumbnail style navigation panel to the skin allowing a visual representation of the publication and contents enabling your audience to see an overall view of the publication.

• Advanced audio settings – Audio tracks as part of your publication so readers can now access further audio controls and settings, allowing them to take control over how they listen to audio in the digital magazine.

• Additional Info text areas – Adding ‘more’ info areas to areas in your e-publication allows you to provide readers with extra information without cluttering the pages.

• Archive – The ability to link and co-ordinate back issues so your publications are linked together for ease of access.

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By 3D Issue