Elevate Your Digital Reading Experience with Experios’ Page Flip Feature

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Where content consumption takes place across a myriad of devices, the way we engage with digital publications has been continuously evolving. 3D Issue, a renowned innovator in the field of digital publishing solutions, has taken a giant leap forward by introducing a significant enhancement to its product lineup – Experios. This addition is set to redefine the way readers experience digital magazines, bridging the gap between traditional print and modern digital publications.

Breaking Free from Monotonous ‘Slide’ Transitions

If you’ve ever browsed through a responsive digital magazine, you might have noticed a commonality – the content transitions from one page to the next in a rather uniform and unexciting manner, reminiscent of a PowerPoint presentation. This standardization, seen in many digital magazines, has often left readers feeling detached from the genuine magazine experience.

The primary reason behind this uniformity lies in the technical limitations of responsive magazines, where each page is composed of multiple independent HTML elements that dynamically adjust to the reader’s screen size. Unlike the ‘old-school’ FlipBook magazines, where each page is essentially an image file, responsive magazines present a significant challenge when it comes to creating the authentic page flip experience that readers crave.

Introducing Experios: The Authentic Page Flip Experience

Enter Experios, 3D Issue’s game-changing solution that is set to revolutionize how readers engage with digital magazine content. Experios has become the industry’s trailblazer, being the first and only solution that provides an authentic ‘magazine flip experience’ for responsive magazines.

Key Features of Experios:

Immersive Page Turn Animation
Experios elevates the digital reading experience by mimicking the sensation of physically flipping pages. With smooth and visually captivating animations, it draws readers in, providing a tactile dimension to digital publications.

Enhanced User Interaction
Experios invites readers to interact with content intuitively and engagingly. The page flip feature fosters a deeper connection with the material, sparking curiosity and excitement.

Seamless Responsiveness
Whether readers are using desktops, tablets, or smartphones, Experios ensures a consistent and captivating page flip effect across various devices.

Customization Options
Creators have the freedom to tailor the page flip experience to match their branding and style. From adjusting page transition speed to adding sound effects, Experios offers a wide array of customization options to align with each publication’s unique identity.

Paul McNulty, CEO and Founder of 3D Issue, expressed his excitement about this breakthrough: “As digital publishing continues to evolve, our commitment to innovation remains unwavering. Experios represents a significant leap forward in bridging the gap between print and digital. We believe that this lifelike page turn feature will not only captivate readers but also empower publishers to deliver content in a more engaging and immersive manner.”

Experience Experios Today!

The Experios page flip feature is now available for both existing and new Experios customers. To learn more about Experios and its exciting features, contact our team