Top Current Digital Magazine Publishing Trends

Digital-Magazine-Publishing-TrendsMagazines are now widely available through online means in response to digital trends.

Having your magazine emailed to you through a link is undoubtedly handy. Or how about through an app? So you can read online or offline through iOS and Android apps. Publishers are increasingly embracing the magazine app. Your readers can simply download the app to their mobile or tablet devices. Then each month as a magazine is published the new edition will be available in the app. The reader clicks into their app and the newest issue is the first thing they see, displayed as a thumbnail image usually of the magazine’s front cover. There is easy navigation within the app to access past and archived issues. The publisher can set up an email to be sent to all their subscribers to notify them the app has been updated and include other special offers or incentives in an email campaign.


Publishers can avail of a custom app, branded to their company’s identity, logos, style, etc. With this you get a new software feature called content hubs. And as publishing trends go, this one is hot at the minute, it aggregates web content. So its ideal for publishers, marketers, anyone really who creates a lot of digital content. See a brief introduction video on content hubs. See an example of content hubs where flipbook publications have been included in the hub.

Below I will show you an example of a digital magazine and a few neat features it embodies. Click on the image below to launch the digital magazine.


FSHN is a world fashion magazine headquartered in San Francisco, CA. They cover fashion from North & South America, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. Are distributed in print all over the US West Coast and; New York and available digitally all over the world.

FSHN are displaying the magazine in “Slide Mode” ideal for tablet readers.

It also is run in “Skinless Mode” meaning that takes up the maximum area on screen suitable for mobiles.

Web links – they have added web links to retail segments, (you can see this circled in red in the image above) advertisers and promoters love this feature as it leads directly to the product websites, in some cases leading to shopping carts.

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By Audrey Henry