3 Steps to Choosing the Right Digital Publishing Formats

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3-steps-to-choose-the-rigWhen choosing a digital publishing format that best suits your needs, there are three key steps to consider first. Remember, there are a number of formats available today and each offers something unique. There’s not a single digital document format for magazines, books and other publications.

Your team must invest time into researching the various publishing options and preparing the material ...

5 Innovative Tips for Digital Brochure Design

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digital-brochure-designGraphic design principles are aspiring to a whole new level of digital capabilities. This makes it essential for designers to learn about the digital side of their projects, they now have to give this aspect special respect in relation to e-brochures. Designers must endeavor to educate themselves on all the features their designs can have when used across these ...

Promote Your App and Increase App Downloads for Free

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increase-app-downloadsSo, after all the time, effort, designing and planning you’ve finally set up your app. If you’re reading this blog you’re more than likely looking for ways for marketing your app because you’ve placed it, or waiting to place it, up on the app store, you were waiting for thousands of downloads to come in but aren’t getting the ...

5 Secrets to Content Writing You Need to Know

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content-writingEvery website requires different content. It’s our job as business people to know how to use certain content to our advantage. Content writing for a business is so important because it gets the word across; your unique marketing message. That’s why your content has to be at such a high standard, you want to constantly be taking your content to ...

A Summary of E-Publishing Formats

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a-summary-of-e-publishing-formatsAs many move into the e-publishing space there are some initial questions and decisions that publishers need to make, one of these areas is the format of the digital edition.

Here in this post, we run through the different formats of digital editions and which format is best for different devices.

1) Flash

Flash has historically been the standard format for digital ...

Magazine Creation, Design & Distribution

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magazine-creationToday’s blog will deliver points to consider for digital magazine creation, design and distribution using 3D Issue digital publishing software.

We are all familiar with the traditional printed magazines that you find in your local supermarket, or newsagents; glossy, vibrant with lots of pages. These publications face huge competition and launching a new magazine can be a gamble. A good ...

Top Current Digital Magazine Publishing Trends

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Digital-Magazine-Publishing-TrendsMagazines are now widely available through online means in response to digital trends.

Having your magazine emailed to you through a link is undoubtedly handy. Or how about through an app? So you can read online or offline through iOS and Android apps. Publishers are increasingly embracing the magazine app. Your readers can simply download the app to their mobile ...

Create an Android Magazine for Online and Offline viewing

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android publicationAccording to Nielson, in the second quarter of 2013, 52% of smartphones in the US run on the Android operating system. With such a large portion of the market using Android systems, it fair to say that publishers must have Android systems in mind when creating digital publications.

How can a publisher create publications ...