Creating a Digital Magazine for the First Time?

Creating-a-Digital-Magazine‘Creating a Digital Magazine for the First Time?’ this term produces 253,000,000 results, for a newbie this can be overwhelming. Knowing where to begin is daunting enough never mind being faced with thousands of possible solutions and information, fishing through search can be tedious as not all the information you may come across will be relevant. Today our aim is to provide you with relevant and simple to understand information on creating a digital magazine for the first time.

Creating a digital magazine for the first time can be nerve wrecking. Knowing where to begin and what software to use can be especially unnerving to those that are computer illiterate. With 3D Issue you can view step by step video tutorials on creating a digital magazine, these videos range from showing you how to set up and create a profile to showing you how to embed flash and HTML5. You can view the full range of video tutorials here.

There are a number of questions that may arise when creating a digital magazine for the first time, such as ‘what works best when moving to a digital interactive publication?’, ‘What will readers expect?’, and ‘what should I avoid?’ etc. Do not panic, we will explain everything in today’s blog.

3D Issue Flipbooks offer a simple way to convert your plain PDF’s into an interactive digital edition. Before you begin you should be aware of a few key aspects detailed below.

• Formats: Which format should you be creating for; this solely depends on your target audience. With 3D Issue you can create now create digital flipbooks with HTML5 and Flash.

• Devices: With the ever increasing number of devices widely available your publication should reach your audience anywhere, on whatever device they have.

• Digital Publishing considerations: What key considerations should be explored before even starting your digital publication?

• Native app or HTML5 web app? This has become a real debate amongst publishers, check out the pros and cons for each so you can make a justified decision of which route is best for your publication. Remember to always keep the end reader in mind when deciding on decisions like these, as it is what they want and need that matters most.


Before diving right in why not check out our publishing guides created using 3D Issue, choose from ‘Beginners guide to HTML5 Digital Publishing for iPad’ to ’10 Tips for Beginners in Digital Magazine Publishing’ there’s one for every need you may have when first starting out.

Now to answer the previous question on creating a digital magazine for the first time, ‘what will readers expect?’. From 3D Issue powered publications readers can expect media rich publications. With multiple media types you are sure to catch the reader’s attention. 3D Issue allows the user to interact with the publication via video, audio, image gallery and even social media integration. The most important aspect of 3D Issue is the range of possibilities; users can view publications anywhere and on any device. Publications can be created in HTML5 and Flash, and can be downloaded via our Android and iOS app allowing ease of access to your publications.

I hope that you have learnt a lot on today’s blog on ‘Creating a Digital Magazine for the First Time’, if you do have any further queries then contact us here our team are on hand to assist you with any questions you may have.

By Shauna Hamill