3D Issue Digital Publishing Guides

We’ve put together a number of free digital publishing resources for you here. You can view various user guides, tips, tricks and checklists to create the very best digital editions.

Beginner Guides

New to the world of creating digital publications? Don’t worry, we have a range of free e-books here that will get you started.

7 Common Questions About Going Digital Answered
publish digital magazine
An introduction to online digital publishing
A guide to creating magazine apps on iPhones and iPads

Marketing Guides

If you want to improve your marketing results through the use of digital editions, look no further! Our marketing guides cover a range of areas including SEO, killer content ideas and best practices.

Marketer's guide to creating interactive brochures
best practices in marketing for reaching target audience
Guide on how to market your digital publications and ebooks
Social media marketing guide for publishers

Publishing Guides

Get the most out of your digital publications by checking out these useful tips and guides. They are all free resources and cover everything from advertising opportunities, mistakes to avoid and how to create your digital e-books.

html5 digital publishing guide
best practices for creating online magazines
checklist evaluating digital publishing solutions
Ultimate digital edition tips and tricks
mistakes to avoid when writing an ebook
How to create an ebook from pdf
3D Issue ebook customization
Mistakes to avoid when using online magazine software
Digital publishing and SEO ebook optimization
Digital magazine advertising opportunities
Publishing statistics for better decision making
Latest ebook market statistics

3D Issue Version 9 User Guide

The complete guide to 3D Issue V9 software that will help you transform your PDFs into Digital Magazines, Catalogs and Digital Publications.

3D Issue user guide V9

3D Issue Version 8 User Guide

Check the user guide for 3D Issue V8 and start publishing your digital magazines.

3D Issue user guide V8

3D Issue Version 7 User Guides

Are you new to 3D Issue digital publishing software? Well, here is the place to start! Our user guides take you on a tour through the various features, explaining how to use the tools and how to get the most out of 3D Issue.

3D Issue user guide content tab
3D Issue user guide design tab
3D Issue user guide output tab

3D Issue Social Hubs User Guide

Our Social Hubs user guide takes you on a tour through the various features, explaining how to use the tools and how to get the most out of 3D Issue Social Hubs.

3D Issue user guide social hubs

3D Issue App Creation Guide

Our “App Creation Guide” will show you the step by step process to create your mobile app with the 3D Issue App Platform. You don’t need any coding knowledge!

3D Issue user guide app creation