5 Secrets to Content Writing You Need to Know

content-writingEvery website requires different content. It’s our job as business people to know how to use certain content to our advantage. Content writing for a business is so important because it gets the word across; your unique marketing message. That’s why your content has to be at such a high standard, you want to constantly be taking your content to the next level of success. Customers love content.

The basics
A basic content writer would be posting blogs, producing videos and even flipbooks, if they want to capture your viewers attention quickly. The internet was designed so you could find information quickly and specifically to what you’re looking for. Live by the rule – keep it short and to the point. Blog writing is becoming such an effective way of spreading awareness about your business, no wonder so many businesses have taken on the challenge of a blog.

Today we are going to talk about writing a blog and ways to improve your content writing.

Tips for your business blogs

1. Design
The easiest thing – such as the design and layout of your blog could be where you fall. Have the layout easy to navigate with no clutter, have the content in a font and color which is easy to read so your audience isn’t finding it too hard to read resulting in a person not returning to your blog.

2. Activeness
What is the point in having a blog and not posting regularly on it? Try and write weekly content, or if you’re the opposite and have so much to say and so many blogs made up, keep a list of topic ideas and wait, don’t overload on blogs all at the same time, space it out. Try organizing a schedule of when to post over the week. Ways of promoting your blog when just starting out is to use your social media. Share links your blogs with the followers of your pages. They can have a look and maybe have it on their page to share with their followers if they find it’s worth sharing.


3. The Audience
You’re writing this blog for the customer not yourself, remember that. Put the customer first and think of them as you write, they want easy content to gather the information they want quickly. As being a part of a business you already should have an idea of the audience you are trying to target, so think of the topics you should write about that will appeal to them.

4. The Content
For the content of the blog, what I’ve been saying throughout this blog is to keep it short, sweet and to the point. It shouldn’t be too short, 300 words minimum. Have ideas worth spreading in your content make it worth the read, make your audience want to share your information with the world, include things your viewers can relate to and what relates to your business. Be precise and include facts and statistics to keep your blog professional, make sure to refer back to where you got your information from also. Get personal with your customers, ask them questions, have a conversation with them through your writing, your customers are reading this blog because they want to get to know you more as a business, provide them with the information they need. Have your content neatly structured even try including bullet points to space things out and to get to the point quicker.

5. Sharing with your audience
In this modern era we live in, we want to get to our information quick and handy, with a Content Hub we can showcase all our online content in one place. Have all of your content together – articles, blogs, Facebook posts, video etc with the help of our Hub and app platforms that are designed especially for businesses, for more information click here.

The content you’re going to be writing is what defines your business, in a short amount of characters your potential customers will know whether you are what they’re looking for or not that is why content writing is so important, it’s the make or break of your company.

If you’re still unsure about the kind of content you should be giving your customers, we can help, email us info@3dissue.com for any questions you have.

By Georgia Keys