Version 9: Mobile Centric Magazine

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mobile-centric-magazineWith an online digital magazine, it’s essential to engage your readers with your content. Readers like to have simplicity and quality. Your publication must focus on design, optimisation and loading speeds to enhance your users experience. Today we live in a mobile-centric world with more and more users accessing your content with their smartphones and Iphones. In actual fact, mobile ...

Version 9 New Feature: “Separate Uploader”

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uploader-feature3D Issue’s Digital Magazine Software allows you to create professional digital publications which can be viewed on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Our flipbooks are created from PDF’s and are completely flash free! In the latest release of our digital magazine software, FlipBooks V9, we focused on improving the mobile experience for the user. In version 9, we added features ...

Mobile Shaping Content Publishing. Version 9 is here!

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mobile-shaping-publishingVersion 9 has arrived! FlipBooks V9 of our digital magazine software is here with improvements guaranteed to enhance the mobile experience! In today’s world, Mobile content publishing is continuously changing and It’s becoming increasingly important to offer users a great experience when accessing content on mobile devices. Mobile devices are your audiences closest associate, it’s where your audiences are ...

Version 8.1 Major Enhancements to Performance

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7.1 3D issueIn August this year we announced the monumental shift in our software’s direction with the release of v8. Version 8 saw Flash completely removed from the software after we correctly predicted that Flash would soon been removed completely from browser’s default settings. The team at 3D Issue worked around the clock to release a HTML5 solution ...

3 Top Tips to get more Digital Magazine Subscriptions

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increase digital magazine subscriptions1. Statistics

When looking at increasing your digital magazine subscriptions, take a look at your existing subscribers. How did they find you initially?

There are a few different things that you can do to find this out.

Your web stats on sites such as Google analytics show the keywords or keyphrases users searched for ...

Time to Look for an Alternative to Flash in Digital Publishing

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alternative to flashRight now you might be wondering: “Why do I need to find an alternative to flash?” Well, this is the situation…

Flash’s lifespan has nearly come to an end. Flash has been the basis of numerous websites such as Youtube,Facebook or Amazon, just to name a few.

However, over the last year it has emerged that there ...

3D Issue Introduces the First HTML5 Solution of its Kind!

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3D Issue V8 no flash3D Issue has officially launched 3D Issue version 8. This latest version has some major advancements, in fact it’s the first solution like it available to marketers and publishers!

Launched today, Version 8 introduces a totally “Flash Free” digital publishing solution. This solution is the only tool on the market that offers the ...

The Advantages of Html5 for Digital Publishing

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advantages of html5HTML5 is the latest version of the hypertext markup language used to build websites.

It is used for structuring and showing your content on the web.

There are many reasons as to why people are converting from Adobe flash to HTML5, the most important one is the recurring problem of hacking and malware.

After the most recent ...

5 Marketing Tips for Creating Engaging Newsletters

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engaging newslettersA subscribers list is one of the most valuable assets a marketer has. Subscribers are people who already trust you and recognize the value you provide so the probabilities of they converting from users into buyers is pretty high.

However, creating engaging newsletters is not easy. Even if your subscribers have opted in and decided they want to receive ...

Make an Online Custom Magazine Part of Your Marketing

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Custom MagazinesThere are not many marketers out there that would consider publishing a digital custom magazine their first choice when it comes to content creation, but there are a few good reasons why you should really start considering this strategy.

1. It’s simple, yet functional

All you need to create a digital magazine is a PDF (it could be the one ...

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