10 Key Benefits of Going Digital for your Profit Margins

benefits-of-going-digitalIf you have printed a brochure, newsletter or magazine the benefits of now going digital and creating an online version can reap you many advantages.

With a digital publishing software you can import a PDF of your publication, add any interactive features, and build, in a matter of minutes you have a new means of communicating across multiple channels. All computer, tablet and smartphone devices will now be able to access your edition.

Reaching a wider audience can only be good for business and profit margins:
According to figures released from eMarketer : “Just under one-quarter of the world’s total population will use smartphones this year—and by 2017, more than one-third of all people around the globe will be smartphone users.”

1. Online presence: Having a website, creating a digital publication or an app are a few content basics that will get your company or content noticed on a global scale.

2. Going digital allows your information can be shared and opened easily.

3. All computer, tablet, smartphone and ios devices will be able to access your content.

4. The new letter-box is the email inbox. By including your digital newsletter in a regular email campaign you are touching base with your regular clients, customer base and email mailing lists.


5. Maximize your online areas of success and redirect time and effort in these areas by estimating the cost of a customer acquisition.

6. Generate revenue through online promotion.

7. Branding with signature blocks. Add to digital pages the links to your website, social networking sites, links to phone and contact. Incorporate the contact icons and symbols in your design, then add clickable hotspots in the digital publishing software.

8. Gain customers with new technology. Embrace change and evolution. Be aware of devices your customers use and optimize your content accordingly.

9. Switch mediums: if you only create a blog try to create video for a change. See how this works for you. Now you can also be found in search under video. Also, alt tag your online images so you also can be found in search through your photos and images.

10. Creation of a library of your online content and past digital publications can take the form of a branded company app. The advantage here is that a lot of people like to spend time in apps on phone and tablet devices rather than in the mobile web.

If you have any questions about creating a digital publication or are interested in creating an app, simply contact info@3dissue.com and one of our digital experts will get back to you.

By Audrey Henry