What Is Interactive Storytelling?

What is interactive storytelling

What Is Interactive Storytelling? 

Interactive storytelling uses tools – like tech – to enhance stories and make them more compelling, engaging and relevant for contemporary audiences. Making use of the interactive features offered by digital publishing software can be an excellent way of capturing – and holding – reader attention. 

Four top tips to help improve your Interactive Storytelling efforts:

  1. Video

    Whether product tutorials, on-trend memes or personal journeys, videos are a brilliant way to boost engagement and can be embedded directly onto pages. And there’s no need to worry too much about production values, sometimes smart-phone footage can be just fine!

  2. Audio

    Emotive music, voiceovers and even podcast links can be used to lend richness and depth to text and imagery. With digital flipbooks, there are lots of options to choose from including background audio, autoplay on pages and play from a button, amongst others.

  3. Images

    Image galleries are a great way to display lots of photos in less space. They make browsing easier, too. Captions and clickable links – to an online store, for example – can be added to each image.

  4. Animation

    With simple, template-based software, the creation of animated elements is no longer beyond the reach of creative marketing pros. Flipbooks software even allows the inclusion of interactive animations that respond to user input.

And did we mention features like: 

  • Web Links & Email Links
  • Phone Buttons & Info Buttons
  • Ad Spots
  • Interactive Contents Menu
  • Jump-to-Page Links
  • Social Plugins
  • Forms
  • Text Selection & Clipping Tool
  • Library, Search, Bookmarks & Notes
  • User Login
  • Printing Support

A key benefit of digital publishing is the endless potential for boosting interactivity which – in turns – boosts audience engagement. A win:win for content marketing! 

Feeling inspired? 

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