Using a Content Experience Platform to tell your story

As a marketer, content creation is often about telling a story, bringing to life the past, present and future. A content experience platform is often a storytelling platform. Storytelling is time and again how a company builds its brand and reputation. It gives the company credibility and builds trust. People want authenticity and organizations can deliver authenticity through storytelling. People can identify with a story and hence with a brand.

Storytelling is about Creativity

Storytelling is not a process. It requires creativity, now you can unleash your imagination. Storytelling is  done using design, copy and interactive media. A great way to tell a story is by creating a responsive publication. Storytelling is all about making yourself unique, allowing you to differentiate your brand – but without the right storytelling platform, you cannot inspire your audience to come with you as your story evolves.

However, storytelling is not easy. You need to get your audience to buy in to your story and you can only do this if you engage with them. That story you tell them brings them on a journey, your journey, and in the end your story is an experience.  Storytelling meets experience. Content experience platform becomes a storytelling platform.

Storytelling Platforms

Using a content experience platform like Experios to bring your customer on that journey is a unique and resourceful way for a marketer to really engage with their audience. Using visuals to help tell that story is a must as it helps your audience to use their imagination. Content experience platforms, such as Experios is about design and hence visuals.  A good platform will have all the features and functionality necessary to allow you to transform your message into an epic story.  It allows you to take a theme and use design to develop that brand through that theme, and design allows you to bring the story, one step further, as now you can create visuals, embed videos and even schedule content to update so that your story automatically continues.  

Engaging with your audience

Using your content experience platform as a storytelling platform not only gives you an engaging way to interact with your audience but it gives your audience a new entry to  your brand. This new entry is done by creating a story that your audience can relate to and can engage with but does not feel that they are being sold to. Storytelling allows you to deliver your brand message in a different way to your audience. In the creation of this story, the design of the publication plays a huge part in that engagement and finally in the acceptance of that brand. Imagine a great story in a magazine – black on white – good but your imagination still may struggle to visualize. Add a design to that publication and even better add responsive design so that your story renders perfectly on any device, one design for multi-devices and you now your audience can immerse themselves in your story.

Creating Beautiful Content Experiences

Storytelling allows you to show what your brand and/or publication represent and enhancing that story with amazing design allows you to build a deeper relationship with your audience. The combination of great content with amazing design allows you to create beautiful content experiences for all your audiences.