UAE halts distribution of print newspapers and magazines

As part of a series of measures to contain COVID-19, United Arab Emirates’ National Media Council has announced a temporary halt to the distribution of newspapers, magazines and marketing material in printed form.  

The ban won’t apply to authority-approved health awareness materials. But many other printed items will be affected and, indeed, banned from public spaces including residential complexes, hotels and restaurants, health clinics and so on. 

News & Tech reported that, “Newspapers in the country with advanced digital infrastructure will go on in their key role publishing on issues of national importance across their platforms.”

Can’t print it? Flip it!

With news of the UAE’s ban on the distribution of printed materials, now could be a good time for content creators to reconsider flipbooks. 

3D Issue’s flipbooks software allows press-ready PDFs to be converted into on-brand flipbooks – featuring engaging and interactive multimedia elements – in a matter of minutes. These publications can then be embedded onto websites or shared by email and social media and read on any device. 

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