Sharing content in a new era of social distancing

It’s becoming something of a cliche but these really are unprecedented times.

For those fortunate enough to still be working, many are under pressure to keep lots of balls in the air: 

  • Adapting to new ways of communicating as remote-working has become an overnight reality
  • Rapidly responding to – and reassuring – staff, stakeholders, suppliers, students and so on
  • Keeping things moving forward while anticipating shifting expectations

Covid-19 has presented all organisations – from schools and colleges to independent retailers, from health service providers to multinational blue-chips – with myriad challenges to overcome. And although some of these challenges are sector-specific, many of them have a common thread: the need for clear communication. 

3D Issue’s flipbooks software facilitates the digital creation and distribution of any type of publication, from technical reports to information guides, from magazines to school assignments. The software removes complexity and one person has – at their fingertips – the power to handle the entire process. 

Informative and impactful digital publications can be quickly created, in any home-office, before being shared with a potentially global audience. Easy-to-use, the software is speedy to onboard but there’s an expert tech support team on hand, too. Digital publishing can be completely contactless, allowing the audience to read publications on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile – and eliminating the need for printed materials. 

Support for principals and head-teachers during the coronavirus 

Sending school-work to a child – in an email or even as a PDF – doesn’t offer them the richness of experience that they get in a class-room setting. Flipbooks are no replacement for teachers but they can offer kids an engaging and interactive learning experience.  

And so we’d be delighted to provide any school principal or head-teacher with a copy of our desktop software, free of charge. 

A member of the teaching team can then install the software to create digital copies of pupils’ assignments – in an interactive flipbook format – for posting online. 

Please reach out to us today – at – and let us know how we can help. 

You’ve got this. 

But please let us know how we can make things easier for you.