Content Writing Tips: How to Make your Content more Readable

readable-contentAudiences want an easy to read experience when viewing your content online. As publishers, it’s important to create an engaging yet comfortable journey for your readers, where all aspects are easy to understand. Every piece of content you provide should be valuable and keep your audience engaged until your call to action. In this blog, we’ve provided 7 Content Writing Tips to help make your content more readable.

#1 Break up your text

Use bullet points or lists to break up unnecessary chunks of text. It’s much easier to take in information when it’s listed, our brains naturally processed to do so. List’s allow us to categorize things and summarise information so that it’s easily digested by your audience. Your audience often scan pages for pieces of information they find valuable and lists are known to help people remember information easily.

#2 Highlight

If you want to bring certain words or sentences to your audience attention, try highlighting/bolding it. Bold the most important information in a paragraph so your audience can easily locate it when scanning through the page. Be careful not to over highlight, focus solely on the key points within the text.

#3 Make the most of white space

Whitespace is simply the blank areas on a page. It’s very important to use whitespace correctly when designing a page and can really contributed to the readers overall experience. When used correctly, whitespace can help avoid clutter and focus attention towards particular areas of a page.

#4 Use Appealing Sub Headings

Subheadings have the power to really capture the attention of your audience and encourage them to read in full the text below. They give your audience an idea of what the text below entails and act as almost an introduction and conclusion. Create appealing sub headings and make sure to keep them informative.

Remember, your subheadings act as miniature headlines and you’ll want them to sound interesting. When you’ve finalized all sub headings, be sure to review them and see if they match the text.

Ask yourself, will people get the meaning the rest of your content?

#5 Include Useful hyperlinks

Link your content to relevant websites. By doing this you support your content with extra information that can be used to prove your argument or idea. Through good links you can heighten your audience knowledge and understanding of the topic.

readable content layout

Using internal links back to your own content will maintain people on your website and reading your material. External links show that you’ve researched the topic and want to validate your point by using expert’s opinions.

#6 Choose the right font

Choose a font that’s both suitable to your content and easy to read for your audience. Selecting the right font will play a vital role in the readability of your text. Keep in mind that font must be easy to read on all devices. You can select a fancy font that might look the part however if it isn’t easily readable, it won’t get the attention it deserves.

#7 Add Visuals

It’s a well known fact that visuals are processed much faster than text, therefore including them makes it easier for your readers to scan through your content and gather the information you provide. Break up your text by including videos, images, audio, GIF’s and more form of rich media.

Adding visuals adds life to your content and keeps them interested, provided its high-quality visuals and rich media you’re using. The majority of people are visual learners so present some your content with this in mind. If you need more encouragement, look at the popularity of Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and more!

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