Coming Soon: New Highlighting Feature Added as part of the Latest 3D Issue 9.2 Flipbook Enhancements

At 3D Issue we are always looking into new features and enhancements that will create better performing Flipbooks for our customers. With the upcoming launch of Version 9.2, 3D Issue is excited to announce the addition of several new features.

The Highlight Feature

The highlight tool has been a highly requested feature. It will give your readers the opportunity to get more out of your digital editions, using the content in a way that allows them to research information faster and easier that ultimately drives higher engagement.

This feature will enable your readers, when browsing through a publication, to simply highlight paragraphs or words that are important to their research or needed for future reference. The option is also given to them to search for specific words within the digital magazine. When a word or term is searched for it is then highlighted throughout the publication as they work their way through the content.

This new highlight tool has several options available to readers:


Personalization is made an option for the reader, as they customize what words they would like to highlight but they are also given the choice between highlighting colors and opacity level, allowing them to block out any text of their choice.


Within the publication, 3D Issue now has the option to include notes under the highlighted words. These notes can be saved within the publication and can be revisited when viewing on the same device the notes were made.

These features aim to make a better overall reading experience for your audience and gives them the chance to become more interactive with the content.

Flipbooks are a great visual tool for marketing content, product or services. If you’re looking to view the latest release of version 9.2 of 3D Issues Flipbook, you can issue a free trial here.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you have about our publishing software here at or call 1 718 569 6212