Moving to the cloud: making the switch from Flipbooks Desktop to Flipbooks Online

As cloud platforms and services have become more commonplace and more trusted, content publishers are increasingly seeing the benefits of moving away from desktop solutions.

Until recently, given the choice, many content publishers opted to host digital editions on their company’s servers, controlling and managing publications and retaining traffic within their own systems.

But times are changing.

And super-efficient and cost-effective cloud-based systems are fast becoming the new normal.

What are the key benefits of moving digital publications to the cloud?

Well, here are four to be getting on with:

  1. The Online version of 3D Issue’s Flipbooks software is 10x faster than the Desktop version. And the reason for that? On busy operating systems, Desktop software applications can only be allocated a certain amount of memory. Whereas Flipbooks Online servers have one purpose: to convert and display digital flipbooks.
  2. With Desktop solutions, you are tied to working on a specific machine in a fixed location. With Flipbooks Online, you – and your team – can access the service from anywhere, at any time. And the Online Flipbooks portal makes collaboration and sharing a cinch.
  3. A key benefit of Desktop’s self-hosting is keeping readers within your company’s website. With Flipbooks Online, publications are hosted on our server. But we can help set up a domain mask – mapped to a subdomain on your website – to ensure publication URLs start with your website’s subdomain, giving your audience the experience that they’re still on your company’s site.
  4. With space-based tech, server issues are fast becoming a thing of the past. Our Flipbooks Online solution is built using Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, used by the leading players in the global ecommerce platform.

Making the switch from Flipbooks Desktop to Flipbooks Online

We understand that our customers need a painless transition between solutions.

It isn’t as straightforward as simply moving publications from your company’s hosting onto our cloud platform, unfortunately, because the platforms for Flipbooks Desktop and Flipbooks Online are configured differently.

But, fear not! We’ve created the perfect tool to help you make the switch from Flipbooks Desktop to Flipbooks Online.

When you sign up for Flipbooks Online, we’ll provide you with a Hot Folder tool that lets you publish directly to your online account, saving you the hassle of having to recreate publications for the cloud.

What is a Hot Folder and how do I use one?

In layman’s terms, Hot Folders are folders that are linked to specific settings and functions. 3D Issue’s Hot Folder, for example, allows you to publish directly to your online account from a folder on your computer. The placement of a document in our Hot Folder – a PDF, in this case – triggers its automatic processing.

Using our Hot Folder tool is a simple two-step process:

  1. Source the original PDFs that were used to create your Flipbooks
  2. Drag and drop them into your Hot Folder

And that’s it.

The publications will be instantly uploaded to your Flipbooks Online platform.

You can choose whether to automatically publish your content, after uploading.

And you can format your digital editions from the Hot Folder, choosing which features and options to enable, customising the look and feel of your magazines.