5 Easy Magazine Marketing Ideas

publication market shareThe fundamental thing all businesses need is customers. To market a magazine to new and existing customers you can use a variety of channels. Try to market the general interests of the magazine in the directions you take. Be entertaining, thought provoking and give the customer reason to trust your content – so your magazine can have an instant rapport with them. This can be achieved through clever marketing.  If you want to market online you could use these tips, measure the results, see what works best for you and apply on a regular basis.

1. Professional conversations: Promote an expert’s opinion. Someone from the field of interest your magazine is about. Tweet, ask your writers, creatives and contributors to share.  These professionals should already have a loyal fan base, and to pass on your publication should be of benefit to both parties.

2. Features: An article you include one month may not be as relevant the next month, so each month use what is appropriate. You can market interviews, product reviews and link back to the main magazine. This gives you many avenues to explore. There can be up to 5 ways to share the same feature online, you can take different sentences and use them to promote, or use a quote or image.  Every piece of unique content is of value to you in the marketing of your magazine. This is why you must strive to have the best quality content – so it’s worth sharing.


3. Points of view: Allow people a chance to submit how they feel about the issues you raise. Linked In is a powerful social networking tool. It allows you to join groups and comment in discussions. There are many other forums out there – do a few searches relating to keywords your magazine targets and marketing to them can become a natural way of talking. The more interesting the topics the more people will join, read or share their points on view on the matter.

4. Discussions: Two-way debates are great for getting chats started. And many more voices will join, creating a buzz around your magazine. Be careful, don’t be too controversial. People love to give their opinion – give them a forum to do so. Your magazine may already have enough web traffic for you to easily start your own blog/forum. Allow a comment box at the bottom, and watch the discussions start.

5. Have humour: Don’t be a bore, have a laugh and joke. Photos and images that people want to share can be a rewarding way of generating interest. If you make someone laugh – they are more inclined to remember you. Stagnate your funny posts – when promoting your magazine. Keep to appropriate times and days. Online marketers dream of sending posts viral.  Often the ones that work best are humorous. Whoever would have thought the Harlem Shake would have had the success it did.

And finally, remember to stay passionate about your magazine. The publication’s content should be a natural thing for you to be excited about. Share this way and your passion should be contagious, reaching far and wide. The customer base will grow, keep up the online banter, don’t allow your channels to go cold. The networks that work for you – keep alive with regular updates.

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By Audrey Henry