HTML5 Benefits for Sales and Marketing

HTML5 Benefits for Sales and Marketing
What is HTML5?

HTML5 – the most recent version of Hypertext Markup Language – plays a key role in defining the appearance of web pages.
Adobe Flash is being retired completely in 2020, with flawed performance and security issues playing a part. All browsers have switched to HTML5 to produce content that’s speedy to load and performs brilliantly on any device.

What can you expect with HTML5?

HTML5 allows you to optimize for any device without the need for added software like browser plugins. On mobile, HTML5 is app-like in appearance – with the ability to scroll, navigate, swipe and zoom – without downloading anything. From audio to video to animation – and lots more – HTML5 can be used to build complex applications that run perfectly in your browser.

HTML5 Benefits for Sales and Marketing


Seven key benefits of HTML5

1. Cross-Browser/Platform Compatibility

HTML5 is compatible across all browsers and platforms. The HTML5 doctype was made so that all browsers, including outdated ones such as IE6, can use it. A single URL will function perfectly on any browser whether the content is viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile.

2. Enhanced Appearance

HTML5 offers you tools that can help you create stunning websites, documents, and digital magazines. You can make HTML5 enables the creation of stunning, digital publications – from websites to documents to digital magazines – that give a great reader experience with top-quality imagery and super-sharp text. Files can be viewed online, via a link in the browser, removing the need for downloads and encouraging potential customers to stay longer on your website.

3. Shareability

By simply sending a link to your publication, customers can access all your content at the click of a button. There’s no need to send an email containing large files. Everything is so much easier to share.

4. Interactivity

Interactive features that enrich the user’s experience – such as page flipping, video, audio, weblinks and social plugins – can be used by creative marketers to craft superbly engaging content.

5. Page Ranking

SEO-friendly, HTML5 offers the benefits of working with organic search engines through advanced tags. Just ensure that pages are logically structured and easy to read by search engines.

6. Speedy Loading

With HTML5, digital content loads more quickly and can run on any platform or device. If a customer wants to view a particular page, for example, you can forward a link and that page will open instantly. There’s no need to wait for the entire file to load.

7. Offline Cache

HTML5 allows for an offline cache, a tremendous advantage to businesses – like publishers – who can provide an offline web experience for readers on-the-move.

HTML5 offers many benefits to marketing and sales teams. It eliminates the need for any plugins as it’s native to the browser. Time can be saved to focus on other areas as publications now load much faster and can run on any platform or device. There is improved security and the elimination of all the risks associated with Flash.

If your company has no online structure then it’s guaranteed to perform poorly within search engine rankings. HTML5 is very SEO friendly. It also provides an array of design and presentation tools to develop publishing products and create improved websites. Within mobile, HTML5 is built to appear more like apps with the ability to scroll, navigate, swipe and zoom and without the need to download anything. It’s also easier to target users with promotions by showing banners on mobile.

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