How to Create an Online Magazine in 3 Easy Steps

Creating an online magazine can be a simple and even enjoyable task. 

These days, it doesn’t take a tech wunderkind to create a digital edition of a printed magazine that includes a range of interactive and super-engaging features. 

By making content more easily shareable, online magazines can be a great way to reach new audiences. Integration with Google Analytics gives businesses key customer insights. And linking to an online store – or even selling ad space – opens up new revenue streams for companies. 

Three simple steps to create an online magazine.

#1. Design your magazine

Establish business objectives for your magazine from the outset. Think short, medium and long term before setting out an action plan to give you the best chance of achieving your goals. 

To create engaging and actionable content, it’s important to understand who your magazine’s readers are likely to be and what preferences they have. Creating a profile of your target – or several – can help you to visualize your audience, to bring them – and their needs – to life. 

Choose on-brand themes and add logos and backgrounds to your digital editions. When it comes to online content, the importance of appearance shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Ready with your PDF? 

#2. Use the software 

To convert a PDF into an online magazine, you can either: 

  • Download digital publishing software and install it onto your desktop 
  • Upload the PDF onto an online platform

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the software, look at the features available and consider how they might be used to enhance your magazine. Digital magazine software should provide you with lots of options to bring your PDFs to life. 

Use a mix of interactive features and multimedia to create an engaging experience for readers, from clickable buttons and hotspots to image galleries, embedded audio and video and shopping cart buttons. Plugins allow you to integrate – as iframes – content from your social media accounts, too. Choose from options including Facebook, Google +, RSS, Twitter and Youtube.

#3. Publish

To broaden your magazine’s potential reach, choosing software that allows you to make publications available on as many platforms as possible is key.  

And, of course, a little publicity goes a long way. You could issue a press release to journalists, influencers and bloggers. You might even consider using banner ads. You should definitely notify your client base about the magazine’s launch via email. And be sure to use the software’s tracking features, too. This data will prove useful when creating future issues.


Inspired to give it a go? 

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